WSOP Main Event Day 1b with Jared Bleznick, Greg Raymer & Erik Seidel

Greg Raymer, Erik Friberg and Starr Valdez sit at our secondary table while Jared Bleznick and Erik Seidel take center stage for our first level of streaming on Day 1b. Commentary is by Remko Rinkema and Donnie Peters.

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WSOP Main Event Day 1b with Jared Bleznick, Greg Raymer & Erik Seidel

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    1. As annoying as a parent insisting you watch an hour long slide show of their kids. His interest shouldn’t interfere with current interest of most others at the table… poker

  1. I noticed that when they were playing stud. The dealer had to stand up every time to do anything.

  2. Do you guys ever think we’re watching reruns years later we don’t even wanna hear about how many YouTube likes that you got or you want

    1. Fortunately there is this stream and then there is usually an official PokerGO stream that will be used for the highlights in future videos/broadcasts

    2. It helps them keep it free ya troll. Can’t complain about the price and the likes pick one.

  3. Ghio played that 45 suited so bad he could have made so much. He should have doubled up

    1. When Seidel bet pot on turn that was his sign he had a strong hand to go ahead and raise but he’s soft lol

  4. 1st hand is why you don’t slow play, coulda stacked siedel on flop

  5. That guy looks like when South Park made an episode including Rob Reiner and he kept saying BUTTER

  6. It’s crazy how many people act like Bleznick at the table. Knows everything, constantly telling everyone what they know, joking around as long as everyone treats them that they are amazing. Why do people like these people!??!

  7. Imagine having a friend who created a bunch of baseball cards and trying to convince the world that they are worth anything. 😂😂😂

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