WSOP Main Event Day 1b with Andre Akkari, Jared Bleznick & Koray Aldemir

Join us for late-night coverage of Day 1a of the WSOP Main Event with Andre Akkari and Alex Lynskey on the main feature table and 2021 Centerpiece champ Koray Aldemir on the secondary table. Remko Rinkema, Donnie Peters, and special visitor Faraz Jaka are your analysts.

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WSOP Main Event Day 1b with Andre Akkari, Jared Bleznick & Koray Aldemir

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  1. With the hands Kowalk had he should be at 300k…trip K’s with a Q…against trip K’s and you let it go call on turn and check on river…TERRIBLE!

  2. I miss when ESPN covered the wsop, listening to someone ask me to like a video, another guy blowing snot into the mic and another guy talking down about recreational players is just bad. Isn’t the goal to bring more people into poker?

  3. *Are we still going to get Lon and Norman at some point during this WSOP? Don’t we all miss those guys on a regular basis? Sarcasm and quick wit beats out a stuffed nose and GTO evaluation all day long*

    1. We need to give each stream 2000 DISLIKES until they give us back NORM LON

  4. This table selection sucks, who are most of these people… You put Aldemir on the second table? Who’s selling you ice there? Stop it, do your job.

  5. Wish that commentator didnt beg so often for comments in the chat pretending he cares about the subject hes asking about.

  6. Painful. Pushing sports cards. They are worthless just like these knuckleheads selling sneakers for crazy amounts. Absolutely criminal

    1. @youtubelife9248 I don’t know sneakers, but you are clueless on sports cards. Go on EBAY and look at auction prices for cards of current NBA stars like Victor Wembanyama.

  7. Watching this july 5…..snotzy blez is getting a little outta line with the shot clock talk. Im all for playing faster…..but for a mojority of the field, 10k is a great deal of money….calm down a bit.

  8. Bleznick stuffed up from all the coke. He needs to hit up chance for the recipe

  9. Bleznick is great at setting up the table psychologically. Annoying AF, but great at it. He has set up the “don’t bust” and then set up the “don’t 3-bet” so he can get in cheap.

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