WSOP Days Away! Preview, Predictions, $25k Fantasy & High Stakes Poker – DAT Poker Pod Episode #124

0:05 Introductions
2:50 WSOP Around The Corner! Guidance for newbies.
11:40 $25k Dream Draft and New Guideline Proposals.
19:13 Will the down market impact WSOP turnout?
27:19 Fun gamer of the year theoretical concern for Terrence and Daniel.
35:05 Potentially prohibiting the just recently exposed alleged cheaters from the fantasy draft.
40:00 Daniels experience attempting to teach Mike Matusow about (Link to video referenced: )
41:05 Centerpiece Entries guessing/betting swimming pool.
52:20 Capturing up on High Stakes hand reviews/topics.

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WSOP Days Away! Preview, Predictions, $25k Fantasy & High Stakes Poker – DAT Poker Pod Episode #124

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  2. Always listen to the podcast while driving through the country. Literately the first time I’ve seen the team besides Daniel. Great to put a face to the voice. All the best for 2022 Daniel and team

  3. La mejor parte es ver a FAMELAA.Uno se da cuenta de lo locow que es el fandom real.

  4. Fine show thanks guys, also thanks for the GTO link. Daniel, have fun at WSOP and all the best to you and the Mrs going forward. Cant forget a shout out to your canine mates too.Ruff Ruff guys.

  5. Average Shawn from Ohio laughing at Average John getting called out by DNegs

  6. Daniel can you please tell me how can I watch the World Series of Poker here in Thailand two 12-hour equipments I hope you win at least five bracelets your friend have been for 20 some years now please take care of yourself go back watching your project thank you

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  8. Leave it to poker players to gamble even the amount of money that they want to gamble with. It’s just gambles all the way down.

  9. Your argument for charging markup makes zero sense when you sell out in minutes. How does that affect players that don’t?

  10. As far as WSOP player of the year I think winning a bracelet should be a must to win it

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