WSOP 2022 $2,500 No Limit Hold’em Final Table Highlights with Scott Seiver

leads a stacked last table that consists of , Nick Schulman, Steve Zolotow, David Goodman, and with a $320,059 first-place reward!

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$2,500 No Limit Hold'em with

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    1. tournament have hopes for recs, if deep cash game thats where the skill and patience comes from

    2. @9penguin late tables like this is almost exclusively flips and everything else is a few tricks to steal blinds

  1. Played poker with Maria ho once.. she was texting/on social media the entire time.. worst player at the table.. WHY IS SHE COMMENTATING POKER???

  2. How long did this final table last? How late into the night? Almost nobody there.

  3. Scott, it’s 2022, you don’t have to look like that. I guess if I had his money I wouldn’t care either.

  4. Just got to crack a set of aces with 43 off by going runner runner perfect and you too can win a WSOP event

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