WORST CARD in the DECK! #poker #danielnegreanu

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WORST CARD in the DECK! # #danielnegreanu

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    1. ​@@skysagex2383that doesnt make sense. J 10 already was a straight before the king came out.

    2. @@nosteinnogate7305 that guy is not jamming if it was the king of clubs

  1. King doesn’t help opponent here, do you really think he floats on the flop and bets the turn with AK or Kx hands, very unlikely. He’s prolly got AQ or a set of 9s. I guess JTs will play like this and pull the trigger once flushes don’t complete and he has the nuts?….. Ax club hands could bluff. you’d really need a good read on your opponent to suggest he bluffs since not many bluffs here. AJ could run a bluff though like this. But opponents doing the AJ play would be elite and far and between.

    1. I think button and sb ranges are going to be much wider than standard 3b calling ranges pre. AK no AQ probably not, these are all 4b pre but K10 KJ K9 KQ K8ss K2ss even yes. Lots of Kx in range. All the gutshots peel flop here and any backdoor flush draw with an over and/or SD should peel here in position for 1/3rd flop bet. Most bluffs contain a J or 10 so its bad that we have 10 of club for calling, but literally any 108 109 J8 J9 A10 AJ can bluff here, sometimes under pairs like 33-77 and A3-A5cc. and all the two pair value bet. 88 and 99 make sense but are gna 4b pre to some frequency. J10 obv sometimes. More value than bluffs on the river but it’s close.

  2. And you didn’t watch the TV show later to find out what he has so you could tell us

  3. Why is the small blind not on the button? I’m presuming it’s heads up

    1. it is not. he is just talking about his hand in a tournament, he was “heads-up” here because the others folded i guess

  4. My usual play here would be to check raise his continuation bet on the flop. Most of the hands he’s repping with a pre-flop raise call would have missed that flop.

    Is my play too defensive and losing out on equity here? Up until the King falls, are you just carefully building the pot beyond what an aggressive re-raise on the flop would have made?

  5. Maybe they have better sims on the highroller, my luck is i hit that queen, opp has 3 5 and raises the turn would be a 4 and another large size bet and the river ace for the all in

  6. He was playing against me there and I had a 7 2 there πŸ˜€

  7. He has a set or a straight no way can he bluff at that river with out something better that a pair plus our Q doesn’t have a good enough kicker to catch any bluff

  8. Woow cant believe daniel put our game in his channel. I feel like a celebrity already. Had an 8 by the way

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