World Series of Poker Main Event 2017 – FINAL TABLE with Scott Blumstein & John Hesp

The stage is set for one of the most legendary WSOP Main Event last tables of recent history as the John Hesp cindarella story continues! Scott Blumstein, Benjamin Pollak, Ben Lamb, Bryan PIccioli, Damian Salas, Dan Ott, Jack Sinclair, Antoine Saout fight for the bracelet.

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World Series of Poker Main Event 2017 – FINAL TABLE with Scott Blumstein & John Hesp

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    1. Thanks A-hole. I wasn’t just watching all the Main Events the past couple weeks and excited to watch the next years or anything. Really great to know that. D-bag

    2. He is a good player but his rep aint that well on how slow he takes to finish an action. Thankfully ESPN edited this broadcast but my guy would take forever on decisions even when not necessary.

    3. A couple of guys here are multiple Main Event Final Tablers, shows how poker is indeed a game of skill above all

  1. This was one of the best final tables in WSOP ME history. I remember watching it live, and everyone was telling the announcers it’s pronounced Pah- lick, not Poh- lock. They kept mispronouncing it. Thanks for posting. For me, this is one of my favs!!! ❤❤ John Hesp was a pleasure.

    1. Biggest takeaway: DON’T play A10 for your tournament life at the final table!

  2. Hesp is so great, and Piccioli having so much fun was awesome to watch. Guy looked like he was in awe of grandpa the whole time. Also… LIST THE VIDEO. There’s a reason why this final table has under 1000 views, PokerGO. You posted this 2017 series Unlisted and you can only watch them by watching the full earlier videos until the end screen where a tiny window pops up suggesting the “next” video, but it can’t be searched for. LIST THE VIDEO

    1. Loved watching both but it was nice seeing Piccioli supporting John when he was winging it.

  3. Asher Coniff spotting who got 10th in 2022 24:32 underneath the 3h and 9s graphic

  4. This is the most fun final table I have ever seen.😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀

  5. blumstein super coolered the bracelet!.. the AA vs AT was ……. then the 34 vs KJ … ridiculous… john hesp reminds me when poker was … actually fun 👍🏻

  6. I don’t give a damn about the critics – John Hesp added a well needed injection into the tournament platform… not a style for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be!

  7. Did Blumstein continue to play after his win? Don’t think i saw him anywhere.

  8. Today the DEX in By-bit is lagging!!!
    I just done video to show that
    When you are exchanging it’s giving you like 9x^

  9. Ben Lamb ME results
    2007: 156th
    2009: 14th
    2011: 3rd
    2017: 9th
    Very impressive string of years

  10. And all these videos were norman says a river 2 or 3 never means anything and now he admits it meant something! Great world series! cant wait to see 2018!

  11. I’ve seen all the Years so far, this one brought me to happy tears. Great final table. Congrats Scott.

  12. Scott played and runned like a champion!! It was a great WSOP FT….

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