World Series of Poker Main Event 2016 – Day 6 with Will Kassouf & Griffin Benger

There's just 80 gamers staying in the 2016 WSOP Main Event, headlined by Will Kassouf, Dan Colman, Jerry Wong, Kenny Hallaert, and Griffin Benger.

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World Series of Poker Main Event 2016 – Day 6 with Will Kassouf & Griffin Benger

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  1. 2:35:46 kassauf should stfu with 2 all in and he’s not in game,what is he doing ,taking the limelight from the at risk 😵👎

  2. I hate will kassouf with a passion. Every thing about him makes my skin crawl and stomach churn. He is unbelievably insecure but tries so hard to come across as confident. It’s cringingly obvious to me anyway..

    1. I don’t think I’d like being at his table when the average hand he is involved in takes 3 times longer than average for the tournament.

    2. People like you ruin the game of poker, it’s suppose to be a game of strategy and mental warfare. But these soft weirdo nerds can’t take it so now they’re making rules against it. It’s actually pathetic in every sense of the word. Oh and how do I know you’re a lefty weirdo without knowing anything about you? It’s because you’re cliche..

  3. So bizarre that this dude makes it to Day 6 of the WSOP main and thinks he can just refer to his strategy sheet while in the middle of the hand. Almost unbelievable that he wasn’t called on it earlier

  4. Poker has come such a long way in just a few years. Alot of these players were soo bad.

  5. 3:02:35 wtf is Colman doing shoving 3.8M into a 1.5M pot. Just shows that even the best pros make stupid mistakes sometimes.

  6. Will Kassouf is mentally ill. He is at least a narcissist, which is a form of sociopath. He is so nasty and vicious in his attacks and attempts to manipulate other players that I think he may actually be a psychopath. He is just awful.

  7. Well I’ve been playing poker and watching poker for about 7 years and haven’t seen anything I haven’t seen before for the last two years 😂

  8. So you used all that nonsense talking to help you win 6 figures but then you resort to stealing chips years later… must have lost all that money… how the mighty have fallen

  9. mike matusow and kassouf at the same table would be nice to see………….hHhHhHh

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