World Series of Poker Main Event 2015 – Day 6 with Daniel Negreanu & Kelly Minkin

Simply 69 gamers remain in the 2015 WSOP Centerpiece, as Kelly Minkin continues her outstanding run, along with Daniel Negreanu, Toby Lewis, Justin Schwartz, and Matt Jarvis.

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World Series of Main Event 2015 – Day 6 with Daniel Negreanu & Kelly Minkin

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  1. Loving the main event videos.but can no longer watch anyone eating a burger without visualising Hellmuth

    1. That dude has always gotten under my skin with his actions and attitude, but that that bandana and emo look is just the topper to want to punch him in the mouth haha

    2. not a great guy at all but if you love this game like I do we will ALL be very upset on that ending. I can be professional but that would leave quite a sour taste in my mouth deep in the main.

  2. Oh snap. A female 6 at the poker table is instantly a hottie in the poker world!

  3. Have to get top 63 jus for 6 figures is kinda ridiculous. Now they did make it $1 mil minimum one or 2 years recently for making final table but they should make it $100k min for top 100

  4. Audio drops out but fast forward seems to fix, might be youtube and not the upload. Either way these are still great.

  5. Let’s have some fun. Complete the statement: Schwartz is an absolute ______________

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