World Series of Poker Main Event 2015 – Day 4 with Phil Hellmuth & Daniel Negreanu

Phil Hellmuth and Mukul Pahuja headline the function table on Day 4 of the 2015 WSOP Main Event as 661 players continue their mission for poker immortality. We also check in with Daniel Negreanu and Joe McKeehen, both of which are developing remarkable stacks.

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World Series of Poker Main Event 2015 – Day 4 with Phil Hellmuth & Daniel Negreanu

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  1. I appreciate y’all posting all of these over the past couple of months! I’ve enjoyed Re-watching them all!

  2. Oh yea I hope this is the one where DNegs busted Phil H. Phil was so arrogant in his exit interview with Kara so it was hard to forget lol

  3. 10:50 – a lesson in: not telling your opponent exactly what you have without showing them your cards.
    Perfect read by Phil Hellmuth there and although he didn’t get a call… you can’t argue that he can’t get all the info he needs on opponents when they talk. They never do what he wants of course (putting it in with the worst hand) or they DO put it in and suck out and then the blow-up begins…. haha.

  4. Insane that mckehann was day 4 chip leader all day then need 4 outs on the river day 5 or 6, and then steamrolled day 7 and on

  5. Thanks a lot, PokerGo, for making these ME videos available. Awesome trip down memory lane and fun to see how the game has changed over time.

  6. The Phil Ivey is dead to me statement gets me every time. This is top shelf commentary.

  7. Why did Phill Laak have apple vision pro back in 2015๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  8. Side Action Championship? i’m more disappointed in myself that i watch such nonsense haha

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