World Series of Poker Main Event 2014 – Final Table with Martin Jacobson & Jorryt van Hoof

The last 9 players in the 2014 WSOP Centerpiece fight for the $10,000,000 first prize and poker's most desirable bracelet on this episode! See how Mark Newhouse, Bruno Politano, Dan Sindelar, Billy Pappas, Andoni Larrabe, William Tonking, Jorryt van Hoof, Felix Stephsen, and Martin Jacobson fight it out. Just 3 gamers will stay at the end of this episode.

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World Series of Poker Main Event 2014 – Final Table with Martin Jacobson & Jorryt van Hoof

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    1. Did you watch last year’s? Worst head sup players besides cada and moon

    2. @@deepnofin Every time a player checks, the other player bets big. If you asked the bettor if they want a call or fold, they wouldn’t know. They have chips and they don’t really know what they’re doing, so why not bet. 😆

  1. Such a bad call by Tonking. What is he supposed to be beating there ? Newhouse has all the A-4 and A-J there.

    1. Newhouse probs doesn’t peel A4 pre so It’s jx or nothing. Newhouse gave away a lot with his body language and the way he jammed think Tonking picked up on it hence the hero call

    2. He’s not peeling a 3b with A4s. He might have some Jx but many of them check back the turn and even then there’s an argument KJ/QJ/JT aren’t calling pre either. In reality he’s just not repping a lot of value.

  2. Van Hoof has NIT vibes, but actually plays aggro and picks his spots really well.

  3. The lever of play is amazing bad. Reminds me of every $50 buy-in tournament I’ve ever seen.

    1. A few things. Most old poker vids the poker isn’t up to par with today’s poker. But also, WSOP ME is filled with amateurs, first timers, business men, etc. Even the actual poker players, most of them are low stakes grinders. And don’t forget, back then they also only showed highlights like these. They kinda make it seem like it’s every hand but it of course isn’t. And it’s not every hand that saw a flop or anything either.

      Just a few things to keep in mind when watching these older WSOP ME broadcasts 👍🏻

  4. If it were me and I had made 9th the WSOP before. I would be playing ultra super tight until someone got out. Especially since he was 3rd in chips (or was it 4th?). I just know that would haunt me for the rest of my life, so yeah, I’m turning into a super nit until someone busts. And it seems it has been haunting Newhouse as well. A recent tweet from just before 2023 Main Event he said “…but last month of practice should help me win Main Event or at least get 8th”. Spoiler, he went out in day 3. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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