World Series of Poker Main Event 2010 Day 7 with Tony Dunst, Jean-Robert Bellande & Jonathan Duhamel

Day 7 of the WSOP Centerpiece brings the final 78 gamers to a final table of 9! Who will make the final table as Tony Dunst, Jean-Robert Bellande, John Racener, Joseph Cheong, Matt Affleck, Filippo Candio, and William Thorson are among the leading competitors!

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World Series of Poker Main Event 2010 Day 7 with Tony Dunst, Jean-Robert Bellande & Jonathan Duhamel

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  1. Those Episodes and the old Venue had so much more intense and raw hype to it. Nowadays it feels very different… tough to explain :/

    1. yeah I’ve thought a lot about this — I think it’s a combination of (1) lighting, the dark background and spotlights on players are somehow very effective in creating drama, (2) there are way more dead-eyed pros/regs in the 2020s, people actually reacted to big hands back in 2010, showed emotion, etc., (3) you’re only seeing the biggest hands, rather than a 10-hour livestream of all the hands, (4) announcers matter, I like Schulman but somehow Chad/Ron give an ESPN/sports atmosphere

    2. Don’t forget today is the Era of live streams. in 2010 they had months to edit all the footage and create interesting storylines

    3. You’re 100% right. Played at the horseshoe this year and it felt so much more commercial. There’s no charm or lore to it anymore.

    4. I think it’s the players as well. We live in a GTO no talking headphones on generation. So half of the streams I watched from the last few years were just void of life and personality

    5. @@bignutz2006 Plenty of players were like that then, too. We just didn’t see it in the broadcasts because of the editing. @matth6922 is correct above about the live era being the No. 1 difference in the feel.

    1. I laughed when he got knocked out. It was the best. I only wish he went harder on himself about it.

    1. Yeah they showed him ALL IN and doubling up on Day 4, he almost got eliminated

    2. Tell me you don’t know what you’re talking about without telling me you don’t know what you’re talking about 🤡

    1. I thought that but it’s kind of smart if he goes all in grinder might call with a 2 but otherwise no point in going all in.

    2. It’s very smart. 7 is behind pocket deuces, pocket jacks, and J7. Only chopping with another 7, and otherwise he’s not calling a raise. No point in getting goofy…

  2. Seeing the all time money leader with hair and so early in his career is so weird

  3. what does Norman mean when he says ”i think they are the raging cages or the rambiling wreck ”

    1. It’s an on going joke he does, he says that about where people have graduated from college, “he graduated from ucla I believe they are the bulldogs” he says the wrong mascot on purpose. It’s just a joke he does

    2. It’s a running joke, we get that, but what’s the joke exactly? For non native english speakers like me, it’s not clear.

  4. There’s something about the way John Racener smacks his bubble gum that’s particularly tilting. I remember rooting against him just because of that LOL

    1. And i know he dream of being a great player but i remeber we all know he was not going to be able too it because he played awful and just lucky at least what we Watch and read of his hands 😊

    2. ​@@cz75shadow2 Are you thinking of someone else? Racener has had a helluva career that’s still going strong.

  5. Ben Lamb in the background during the Senti / Bucaric hand. Foreshadowing

  6. Jesus Matt at 1:18:10 what an awful call not blocking flushes and HALF of the straight draws get there 75 he’s hoping for exactly 97

  7. ngl I’m starting to remember why I stopped watching main events. 3 hours is too much for day 7.

  8. How’bout Bryn being all time money list leader with 65 mil in tournament money 🙂 in 2023

  9. Jonathan Dumahel: I live by adrenaline
    Bianca Rojas-Latraverse: …
    Jonathan Duhamel: okay, I’m outta here

  10. At 2:42:25 how is Kenney drawn dead, couldn’t a river king give him a higher set?

    1. @@osipac Not trying to be too picky, but in Poker we usually call it a [set] when you have a pocket pair in your hand and hit the 3rd card on the board. We call it trips or triple when you have, for example, one King in your hand and 2 Kings are on the board.

  11. 2:34:14 Senti’s long shot comes through and sends Michael Skender to the rail!!

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