World Series of Poker Main Event 2010 – Day 2 with Daniel Negreanu & Patrik Antonius

Day 2 of the 2010 WSOP Main Event starts with Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius under the spotlight. Prahlad Friedman finds himself associated with a questionable hand.

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World Series of Main Event 2010 – Day 2 with Daniel Negreanu & Patrik Antonius

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  1. I was about to comment where the eff is our video 😢 on the last one. I have no life right now. Too cold out. 🥶

  2. why theres not this kind of coverage last years? The settings… the commentars…everything

    1. Poker lost popularity after the US government banned online play and ESPN stopped WSOP coverage. Jack Links ended sponsorship. 2008-2010 were the best days for poker, hopefully we will see it make a big comeback soon, but I think it will require online legalization nation-wide

    2. I don’t know get why they stopped the WSOP on ESPN?
      ESPN has really fallen off as a sports entertainment leader in the 2020’s

    3. @@thomashenshallhydraxis

      It’s about the Full Tilt Poker scandal, after poker suffered an immense drop in popularity. Around 2011. Today it is regaining some popularity but never like after Moneymaker. Many who win the main event today then never play again.

    4. @Jordan Yep. And that same bill that outlawed online poker also expanded sports betting. They basically said you can throw your money away ‘over here’ on pure luck garbage that can be rigged but not ‘over there’ where skill comes in to play. Too many people were making a living – and then some – without being wage slaves.

  3. They keep panning to Antonius’ rail saying there’s tons of girls there for him specifically but they clearly show like… 2-3 women on the rail. lol

  4. Pokergo needs to figure out how to edit their content like ESPN did for this years upcoming WSOP. So it is more enjoyable to watch by the casual audience. It shouldn’t be that hard to do.

  5. Everyone on pokerGo grew up watching these videos and now they keep them from us🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. How the fk Friedman got away with that hand? It was obvious he called 1s before the clock ended?

    1. If they did footage replays like in college basketball he would have been gone for sure

  7. Funny how that guy barking had no idea what was going on. He is the one that should be protesting but he was celebreting and other guys at the table were mad. Also seems like dealer said he calls so crazy how they didn’t change that after official talked to her.

    1. He’s an idiot hahaha and then he smirked at Friedman afterwards anyway like “gotcha.” Friedman got so lucky.

  8. That comment I once asked a women if she seen my mushu and I was slapped with a restraining order was gold. Lol

  9. Friedman 100% said call before time that flor man is unreal that’s disgusting

    1. For us it’s easy to hear that it was literally between 1 and dead on video, but for floor it was harder to hear that 0.5 second gap

    2. ​@@gustaferiksson1503true, but you can also hear the dealer confirm the call before the floor said dead. Never a dull moment.

  10. Two episodes in one day? Yessir! Thank you very much. ESPN needs to go back to this format.

  11. Amazing how Billy Kopp rationalizes the misplay of his 2009 bustout hand.

    1. If he really thought that Moon would fold a big flush due to a paired board then he wasn’t thinking straight. Firstly, Moon likely didn’t even pay attention to the board pairing. This would be a play that might work against a pro, but never an amateur. Secondly, Moon was just as likely to have improved by the paired board. Kopp never even considered that possibility.

  12. Imagine Prahlad calling before the clock expiring on Jeff Lisandro 😂😂😂 ARE YOU GONNA STOP?! I’ll take your head off buddy lolol

  13. It’s so nice everyone clapped for Doyle when he was knocked out. I wonder if he liked or hated that attention. Either way, it’s just a sign of respect for the man

  14. Chris, an advantage of the settings > Apps > Installed Apps for uninstall vs. Add and Remove Programs is that you can uninstall more then one at a time.

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