World Series of Poker Main Event 2009 Final Table with Phil Ivey, Joe Cada & Darvin Moon #WSOP

The last table of the 2009 WSOP Centerpiece sees Phil Ivey, Jeff Shulman, Joe Cada, Kevin Schaffel, James Akenhead, Antoine Saout, Steven Begleiter, Eric Buchman, and chip leader Darvin Moon all eyeing the $8,546,435 first-place prize. Who will win the prominent WSOP bracelet and be crowned the 2009 World Champ?

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World Series of Main Event 2009 Final Table with Phil Ivey, Joe Cada & Darvin Moon #WSOP

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    1. ​@@martinedwards4522yeah he passed away suddenly in 2020 after complications from some kind of surgery. I think he was in his mid 50s

    2. Even if this was his only big cash, the way he carried himself was great. Maybe one of the most likeable tables in the past like 5 or more years before this

  1. Cada ran like God but in the past 14 years he’s proven to be the best champ in the post-champ run he’s had.

  2. This is as mythic as you get for a WSOP broadcast. Heroes, villains, an electric feeling of power and energy, that I argue has never been matched.

  3. Moon left 100k + on the table by not putting any poker sponsor on his clothes. I respect that

    1. @@HopyHop1 Making it sound like he “still is” advertising for them >.>

  4. Looking back on this, it’s amazing how lucky Cada got in order to win. They say skill gets you to the final table, luck gets you the win.

    1. No….he sold his soul to satan just like everyone else who wins the wsop…think about it….there is no luck…..They all have to face Jesus on judgement day….what good is it if you have the world but lose your soul…

    2. I’d say luck gets you to the final table and skill gives you a bit more luck.

    3. Honestly he played pretty well too and even got eternally UNLUCKY in a few hands. Like he was short stack for part of it because he got rivered on early.
      And honestly he proved he wasn’t a one shot wonder too, pretty sure he won a few bracelets and had quite a few money finishes too shortly after this and of course making a final table not too long ago now

    4. He was also lucky Begleiter knew little about basic tournament poker strategy – on hand 123 (the hand immediately after Cada doubled up Shulman at 41:30), Begleiter folded the button because he thought Buchman would raise him from the small blind; Buchman pointed out his only objective would have been to put Cada (big blind) all in, which he did, and then check it down as per the norm, to try and eliminate Cada.

      Had Begleiter joined in (for only about 5% of his stack at the time), he wins the hand, and Cada is eliminated in seventh place…

  5. Congrats to announcer Lon McEachern for winning a WSOP Circuit event last year.

  6. That was such a sweet moment when they raised each others hands

    1. When are you making appearance in the FT of the ME Ryan? Hope to see you this year!

    2. Absolutely Mr.Parking lot champ. My favorite scene from this years event.

  7. Cada was a real class act for a youngster. Respected all the other players and seems a humble guy.

    1. He should be humble.. never seen anyone play so bad and get so lucky, that too in a wsop final table.

    2. Heck Darvin Moon got lucky too but he played better than Cada.@@mash1855

  8. Phil Ivey is such a legend. He just takes it like a pro, because he knows it’s the nature of the game.

    1. $1.4m in 2009 dollars, in the deepest part of a recession probably helped soften the blow lol

    2. Ivey showed no respect for Moon at 53:32 he just laughed at him. Got what he deserved on the flop.

  9. Wow, I didn’t recall Cada getting so lucky during the final table. Crazy

  10. What an epic final table, thanks for posting this PokerGo, I have a subscription but I forget about these special moments until they are posted in Youtube

  11. This year and final table was SO nostalgic for me.. Seems like just yesterday being so excited to watch those two new episodes of WSOP coverage a week. This one takes the cake, the hype around Ivey, the intro was perfect with it saying “will he be the one….” We know now 15 years later he is and was the greatest, but this was epic.

  12. “It don’t matter how much it is, either I’m calling or I’m not” Lol what a Legend

    1. Well after putting 15 mil on a bluff and 19 mill in total when you are holding KQ high with no pair and no draw on the flop.

      I wouldn’t even bother calling for another mil just to avoid the humiliation of showing my cards lol 😂

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