World Series of Poker Main Event 2009 Day 6 with Phil Ivey & Peter Eastgate #WSOP

Simply 185 players return for Day 6 of the WSOP Centerpiece and new faces start to become competitors for among the November 9 spots. Phil Ivey continues to lead the charge for the old guard of pros as he discovers aces once again.

The function table is controlled by protecting champion Peter Eastgate along with fellow 2008 November Niner Dennis Phillips. Another World Champion will say goodbye as the field is lowered listed below the 100-player mark.

Phil Ivey and Antonio Esfandiari start to assert their supremacy, while Joe Cada removes a fan favorite. Peter Eastgate and his quest to go back-to-back will end at the hands of a runner-runner outdraw.

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World Series of Poker Main Event 2009 Day 6 with Phil Ivey & Peter Eastgate #WSOP

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  1. Sweet… fellow 2+2er with the Wild Card hand at 19:02

    I think I was sitting behind Schneider on that hand, but that might have been right before I arrived.

  2. Hahaha I see myself at 1:20:50. No idea why I’m standing like that, tho. Doing my bouncer pose or something.

    1. Better avrage players now but no way it s been so much fun and legends and shows then the poker boom and the time stu Ungar was alive ✌🏻Belive me who have played since 2000 before that just for fun sometimes born 1980 and i believe the people who loved skateboarding rap punk and poker and being outdoors to are glad they was young true this time 90s and 2000 to about 2010 but have been some great things after to but no way i would trade that era as young to be young this era no way ✌🏻just my opinion Greetings CZ 75 Shadow (Stu Ungar fan) Norway and travelling around the world playing poker and having fun😊

  3. I honestly don’t know if his rapping is satire or he’s actually doing this for real. But I’m pretty sure he’s not joking around which makes it all the more lol

    1. @@Nuksukow Hand ended at 21:40 so go back like 3~ mins prob should be safe.

    2. @@mooneulogy8717 This is the right one. Definitely the worst win ever. No wonder that guy never made it to the final table.

  4. Norman Chad is seriously the GOAT of poker commentary he’s amazing🤣👍

  5. @1:25:02 “Bob Whalen has to have a king.” No Norm, he needs an ace to win the pot.

  6. This was the year when Billy Kopp gave all his chips to Darvin Moon to go out 11th with 42 hearts?

  7. These main event uploads the past month has been awesome. I used to watch these on end while playin $5 sit and goes.

  8. “STACK ‘EM, STACK ‘EM, STACK ‘EM… the taaaapppppp!!” 😂

  9. I remember Darvin Moon being the star of this Main Event when I watched the airing of this back in 2009. It is hard to think that he barely made any appearance at all until Day 6.

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