World Series of Poker Main Event 2007 | Day 1 with Doyle, Hellmuth, Negreanu & Scotty #WSOP

The 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event drew a total of 6,358 players. On Day 1, we got to see Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, Chris Moneymaker, and Joe Hachem highlighting the action inside the Amazon room. Other notables consist of Scotty Nguyen, Mike Matusow, and Jamie Gold.

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World Series of Poker Main Event 2007 | Day 1 with Doyle, Hellmuth, Negreanu & Scotty #WSOP

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  1. Lol blinds 50/100 and Brunson raises it up to 700, aaaah the old days 😀

    1. That’s actually not that crazy. When you are 500bb deep you can raise much bigger, especially if there are limpers.

    2. I still don’t think it’s that uncommon.. 200 bigs, people tend to get impatient or want to play more meaningful pots

  2. These videos have been awesome content. Keep going all the way up to the present year lol

  3. Thanks Pokergo for uploading this unique wsop 2007 edition. I think this wsop was one of the most exciting wsop tournement ever.

  4. Calling an all in with Jack high; I hope I can get these players in a main event table one day

    1. why would you ever… do stuff like that? I don’t understand.. like I don’t really even play Poker.. just enjoy watching some of the events and I would know NOT TO DO THAT.

  5. “Thanks for nothing” is EXACTLY what I’d imagine Jeffrey Lisandro whould say to alot of people.

  6. Chris Moneymaker’s interview is a breath of fresh… Most people would take the humble route… Chris says “yeah I can’t go to a poker room and just play without people wanting an interview, pictures, or talking… yes it is taxing, but I’d rather have it this way.”

  7. Still better than todays coverage!!!! Bring back these 2 for commentary full-time!

    1. I think the production is better, they went into the stories and backgrounds of these guys and the players weren’t robots from the online world, they had personality.

  8. You can tell just by looking at jamies face that he never planned to pay anyone anything

    1. Yeah i mean he thinks were stupid theres no way the guy wouldve sued him so quickly unless he was given clear indication gold was not going to pay him, i just always wondered how much the settlement was, i dont think we ever found out

  9. PokerGo finally realized there’s more money to be made from putting YouTube ads on old content than charging a subscription fee for it 😉

  10. I loved this coverage! So much excitement. Hopefully it will get back to this one day.

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