World Series of Poker Main Event 2005 Final Table with Joe Hachem & Mike Matusow #WSOP

The last table of the 2005 WSOP Main Event sees Aaron Kanter holding the chip lead ahead of Tex Barch, Andy Black, Mike Matusow, Steve Dannenmann, Joe Hachem, Daniel Bergsdorf, Scott Lazar, and Brad Kondracki as all eyes are on the $7.5 million first-place prize.

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World Series of Poker Main Event 2005 Final Table with Joe Hachem & Mike Matusow #WSOP

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    1. Calls an All-in with Q-10 off, sees Black’s hand and says “ahawe” like he got massively coolered in the MAIN… He must have put Andrew Black on J-10.

    1. You don’t like hipster announcers who have to talk and talk about analysis while they can see both player’s hole cards? And they either think the audience are either fools or try to show their intelligence by going in depth about new age strategy. Oh yeah, and they have to mention in every conceivable way a player in the hand has a ‘blocker’

    1. @elAndy23  people always credit the boom to “The Moneymaker effect” that’s not the case… It was ESPN’s coverage, it could have been anybody, If Sam Farha calls the bluff and wins, history is almost the same… Moneymaker just made it more marketable… He was a young, Joe 6 pack American. What won the most from Chris’s victory was Poker Stars and online poker.

    2. @@Mike-qo4kp he is retired living in Miami saw him the other day having coffee and pastry at a local bakery Great people

  1. I had forgotten about Lazar’s complete implosion; at least he admits it at the end.

    1. I remember he had Ace 10. Flop came ace, ace, something. TURN or STREET would have had Quad Aces!!! Ahhhh!!!

  2. It’s fantastic to watch these again. Such compelling players to watch.

  3. How could you not love Dannemann?? What a guy. Reactionless as he spikes a tourney saving river. unreal

    1. can you please timestamp this specific hand? i’m too lazy to search for it, lol

    2. Dannemann was the best story of the 2005 WSOP by a mile. Gotta love it when people win while having fun. He crushed it in the T.O.C. tourney from this year as well.

    3. Amazing person. That’s why it probably stung Phil Hellmuth the most when Danneman spoke up to him in the Tournament of Champions.

    1. @antzooma  Andrew Black that same year, starting as the huge chip leader with 10 to go in a very inexperienced field.

    2. @antzooma  Lazar’s calls vs All-ins with K-9 and Q-10 were just silly… He blames that A-5 (quads) but after the flop, 3 players with that board, not many chips are going in… He’s acting like he’s gonna rake huge chips in that spot.

    3. @antzooma  “you wanna gamble, I’ll gamble wit ya!” Sees his behind with Q-10, “awhh!” Like he’s been massively coolered. That’s probably the worst final table pre-flop call in the history of the final table.

    4. Black hardly blew up. He got Dannielman all in being a 75% favorite for what would have been a massive chip lead. Black got quite unlucky.

  4. This final table is still one of my all time favorites. Production quality is top notch. Tons of swings. Some great plays, some pure melt downs. Interesting, entertaining personalities. Lon and Norm being the best. Just so happy to watch this again.

    1. The close intimate setting of bennys was the best also. Wish they went back to that

    2. Agree, my fave as well, from the first hand it was pure entertainment…

  5. These are wonderfully nostalgic. I used to wait all week to watch the new episodes on a tube TV. I don’t know how I ever watched them without knowing the blind levels/stack sizes/pot size….

  6. 3:02 lol. that hand with Mikey is legendary. Poker lore at it’s highest. KK vs AA… then the flop, and the run out… LEGENDARY HAND

    1. You could see his expression change after that hand and the Andrew black hand. The classic MM blowup was brewing and it showed.

  7. And Hasham has become a great representative of poker everywhere. Lived the dream.

  8. so much better than having to wait a whole week for another episode, bring on 06 Poker Go

  9. Norm’s commentary on this broadcast was particularly savage. 😂 Also, I know Dannenmann got lucky, but what a class act.

  10. The final table come back from Hachem was incredible. That final table was incredible! Everybody was a class act. I’m so happy to see this again.

    And Raymer’s run in 2004 and 2005 was second to none!

    1. I don’t think Matusow gets enough credit for getting so far 4 years in a row. He was definitely tv gold as well

    2. @@HamSandwich-xk3om some of his reads were absolutely spot on. That is his poker superpower, for sure.

    3. @@StephenLella yeah, I didn’t realize at the time, but rewatching these shows he definitely had an ability to sniff out bluffs, it just so happens a lot of semi bluffs got there

  11. Of all the recent WSOP main event winners, Hachem has by far been the best ambassador for the game after his win.

  12. Probably the first WSOP ME FT that I watched. Both Hachem and Dannenmann absolute class acts.

  13. PASS THE SHUGAH!!! Absolutely loved this tournament and love Hachem. Almost 20 years later and he’s barely aged. Thank you so much for posting this!

  14. This is my first time watching this (18 years later) & I binged all 7 days! Without looking up the winner, I really wanted Dannenmann to win, but if he lost to anyone, I’m glad it was Hachem. Two Class Acts! I’m just happy the Sheik guy didn’t make the Final Table! Guy just seems to wake up angry. I’ve always liked Poker (specifically Hold em’) & I usually play monthly with my friends, but these videos have given me a whole new appreciation & love for the game! I always play Hold Em’ Bonus when I go to AC & Vegas, but that’s only against the Dealer. I now wanna play on an actual table..

  15. That boy really called with Q hi and said I’ll give you a gamble 😂😂😂

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