World Series of Poker 2023 | Phil Ivey Final Table In $50,000 Poker Players Championship Day 4

Phil Ivey headlines Day 4 of the most prominent poker competition of the year as he battles with Josh Arieh, Daniel Alaei, Brian Rast, James Obst, Matthew Ashton, Johannes Becker, Ray Dekharghani, Marco Johnson, Hal Rotholz, Talal Shakerchi, and Kristopher Tong for a spot at the last table.

Location Payout
1 $1,324,747.
2 $818,756.
3 $573,679.
4 $411,824.
5 $303,071.
6 $228,793.
7 $177,294.
8-9 $141,125.
10-11 $115,477.
12 $97,209.

To give us the capability to stream events prior to them reaching the last table we are forced to turn our function table every level. This is to secure the integrity of the game and not prefer one group of players as they reveal their hole cards and techniques to their challengers.

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2023 | Phil Ivey Final Table In $50,000 Poker Players Championship Day 4

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    1. Played pretty bad got very lucky and yes a couple of overly aggressive bets got through.

  1. This Obst guy is shocking at Omaha, some of the calls have been shocking!

  2. Is 2-7 triple draw always play as a limit game?Trying to get into it but this limit stuff is painful

    1. Triple draw is also a big bet game creating big pots especially multiway, not boring at all!

  3. This structure is a Grind , I was only watching the Final Table if Phil was in it. Gg he took that tough beat in PLO with trip 10s to Running Aces and never could recover.

  4. Phil looks like he needs tosleep for a month. He is aging 3 years to 1 in the past few years.

  5. Ivy went all in at the worst time. I get it’s a coin flip but man putting it all out there on pocket threes

    1. You could tell by his face he could of found better spots vs players like talal. Although its profitable shove its not the best spot.

  6. Funny thing might be, that most of the ppl who are not familiar with Talal might only know him from the bluff clip with DNegs, which might leave kinda wrong impression about his skills, while in fact he is one of the best non-pro player in the world.

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