World Series of Poker 2023 | Gladiators of Poker Final Table

Enjoy how one lucky gamer turns a $300 financial investment into a massive $500,000 payday at the final table of the third-largest poker tournament in the history of the game! Commentary on today's last table is by Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks.

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  1. Watching Trexler was like riding a rollercoaster 5 times in a row. Imma pop a dramamine n watch a movie.

  2. Everyone folding suited Ax to min raises is killing me. These dudes also not opening, KTs, Q9s, etc. four handed. Wow. Is this what it takes to final table a 20,000 person tourney? Seems super tight.

    1. @@minecraftgenius11 Of course. You think this is why dude isn’t opening KTs on the button four handed? Could be.

    2. ⁠Need to watch more of it tbh. A lot of players were over folding in this tourney. And being straight forward postflop.

      Aggression wins tournaments, but I am sure that a lot of aggros got weeded out throughout the tournament. I’m 100% sure these guys playstyle changed as money jumps got bigger.

      fact of matter is that you have to run like jesus no matter what if u wanna ft a 23k entry tourney with 30 min levels.

      I donkey’d half my stack early into day 2 being aggressive postflop. Then, shoved qjs < 99s 14bigs.

    3. ⁠@@LevelofClarityit definitely is. he cared more about money than bracelet.

  3. Love these two commentators – letting the game flow – allowing us to hear the table 🙂

  4. WTF ! ! A three month gym membership at the YMCA in Jerusalem costs more than $300 !!

  5. To be fair I thought this was gonna be a donk fest to watch, but this was way more exciting than watching some pros play.

  6. It’s crazy how one hand can change the outcome of the tournament. If Trexler called with J8 of spades, he’d have KO’d two players. He would’ve had Simon’s stack!

    1. If he calls with e J8s there, then there is no way he would have made it this far in the tournament.

  7. So i am from Moorea/Tahiti. I will come to Vegas on Monday to Play the Superseniors 36:46

  8. You guys getting over 1000 subscribers per day during the series . 16k in 13 days since this was streamed . Great content

  9. Trexler is the new superstar of poker. The 5/2 bluff shove was maybe the biggest relative gamble of the year.

  10. I watch several YouTube videos on how to trade in the stock market but haven’t made any head start because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands

    1. @@arthurlester805 What is the name of your broker and how do i connect with him or her ?

  11. Wade Wallace was the homie back in the day. Makes my day to see him on here ! Congrats dude !

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