World Series of Poker 2023 | $800 Deep Stack Final Table

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2023 | $800 Deep Stack Final Table

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  1. The 6d gave brewer alot more than the 7d gave xu. Who wants to read “Beat the Devils” by Josh Weiss grand central publishing !

  2. You can’t just say a place is weird without telling us what is weird about it🥴

  3. Why do you keep calling out just the number of big blinds a player has left, when you should be including the big blind ante since it is mandatory?

  4. A zero year would be a 10. A 1 would be an Ace. Since there are no face cards, I would say it would have to be played low.

  5. 单挑第一把顶对抽花,太棒了

  6. Doesnt seem like you should be able to call a tournament where the final table chip leader comes in with 30 bigs a DEEPSTACK tournament

  7. We should get funded then have mini tournament to see who plays for the team haha 😂❤

  8. After watching the seniors final table, where everyone plays fast, this is agony watching this with the tanking, and I barely started. I doubt I’ll stay.

  9. It is not working for me. I received an answer that i tried to collect my points on a “wrong market” and it is a violation against microsoft rewards policies and that they can’t help me. I collect poinst since 10 years, changed nothing it worked always and now this… I still don’t know what i did wrong

  10. Why does he angle like that sliding the stack forward then back to his stack, did that 3 times.. Dirty Chip leader man..37:00 ..

  11. It is great that we have something like PokerGo, where people can freely join and tell about themselves in a chat. No other opportunity like that exists on the internet. It is bothersome though to be forced to stare at some not so interesting people at a table making even less interesting passings of papers and plastic pieces to one another. Can that part be cut away, please, for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment? That would be the future.

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