World Series of Poker 2023 | $100,000 High Roller Final Table

Jans Arends, Cary Katz, Biao Ding, Adrian Mateos, Jeremy Ausmus, and Chance Kornuth fight for the $2.5 million leading prize!


1 – $2,576,729.
2 – $1,592,539.
3 – $1,142,147.
4 – $833,854.
5 – $619,919.
6 – $469,464.

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| $100,000 High Roller Final Table

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  1. Arrends played agg and 3 bet several bbs b4 he trapped Mateos. He applied steady pressure and picked his spots. Well done

  2. Amazing poker final table and was fun to watch. I liked every player so was hard to pick a favorite.

  3. They should create a platform for the bracelet that can move it nearer to either player as the chip count varies.

  4. Liked. I was a past subscriber but got tired of the clutter in my feed of questions and shorts. I’ll just wait for the algorithm to suggest future videos.

    1. I swear every high roller tournament video I watch, he’s at the final table.

  5. ‘Graf-tekkel’ literary translates to ‘grave-dachshund’. And grave is meant like mean, or cursed.

    It’s a more benign variation to the more generally used ‘graf-hond’ (grave-hound or -dog) which is a curse for someone you hate.

  6. I always play ESOP and I haven’t noticed that there are tournaments like poker stars…

  7. Thank you very much for Video WSOP 2023 POKERGO 🏆👍🇺🇸💰

  8. Go arends, don’t let mateos and katz scare you in the least okay buddy. You can do it.

  9. Every time you look around Katz is in the money! Why is he still calling himself an amateur? Fantastic poker Playa! EL Jefe in deed👍

  10. Je comprend pas la relance a 5m avec Axs encore moin le call avec 23s de mateos en sb..
    Et a quoi serve les stickers qu’il jete sur la table ?

  11. Perfect hand for Arends. He knows 100% that he wins from the beginning, and to top it all off, the last card gives Mateos hope, and makes him call. Bad luck for Mateos, who was expecting a trio. It was difficult to think of a full.

  12. Джон красиво переиграл могикан покера

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