World Series of Poker 2022 Disgusting Bad Beats | River Killers!

The 2022 developed some horrible bad beats, presented by some absolute river killers! Take a look at this compilation clip and feel the discomfort of these players!

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2022 Disgusting Bad Beats | River Killers!

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  1. Anyone who watched DNeg’s daily vlogs knows of the heartache of crushing rivers.

  2. Even more painful when you flop a set and then lose to someone hitting runner runner

  3. There’s no such thing as a bad beat if you’re getting it in with J8o and Q7o.

  4. If you’re wearing a bucket on your head you should add the sign that goes with it that says… I AM A MORON!!!

  5. The way the OR KRIEF guy celebrated was a little too much 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  6. Sickest river cards? One was super lame with 10 outs and a standard hand. Not even interesting. I think people are just gloating their buddies. Not many of these hands are even close to “sick rivers”

    Chino Rheem hand decent

    8/7 diamonds was doodoo

  7. You should change the title of this to “Donkeys’ get it in with worst hand and suck out on the river”

  8. How are any of these disgusting bad beats apart from the KK hand. Really hate how the producers of these poker Youtube channels don”t actually play or know much about poker ..

  9. Most of them were bad hands right from the start more than bad beats…

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