World Series of Poker 2021 | Main Event Day Final Table (LIVE)

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World Series of 2021 | Main Event Day Final Table (LIVE)

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    1. Los de la AFIP ya estan prendiendo el fuego para el asado 😂😂😂👍

    2. el dinero no salio del casino, lo va a usar para inversiones a futuro en el mismo país, nunca va a entrar a argentina como tal, abrazo.

  1. I started Playing poker because of ESPN’s Coverage on 2006 main event. If this was the coverage back on 2006 I definitly wouldn’t. Anyway still grateful for the free content

  2. 🇦🇷 Papo representando donde jamás se lo imaginarian!♦️🎰🥇💚

    1. con cuanto se inscribieron para el torneo .. cuanto de dinero se necesito para inscribirse

  3. It’s a real shame that the final table isn’t broadcasted for free in its entirety.

    1. @Richard’s Shorts it’s more than that. The money is not the issue. Its the principle of the matter . If you weren’t a compete Munson you would see how creating a paywall to watch content is restricting the exposure of the game. Especially new players that are interested. How does the game grow and attract more player’s if we can’t let everyone have access to it. It’s common sense. No one wants to see all this posturing and time wasting, playing 5 hands an hour. Espn broadcast edited down for free to the masses is much better . Jabroni.

    2. @YoooItsRick yea I don’t blame them for the posturing when so much is on the line but it isn’t entertaining to watch. Highlights are much bettet

  4. Didnt expect Vince Vaughn in the boot to me honest, I like it somewhat though.

  5. Great plays, this is the dream 👌 can’t wait to watch the rest 😎

  6. Love the Vince Vaughn commentary and Jamie K. jabs is fun as well. Agreed about having to pay to watch sucks! Thanks for the free but not getting my money unless its at the table Poker Go!

  7. La fortaleza mental y el trabajo emocional que hay detrás de esos titanes.. y ahí está ese loco haciendo de las suyas. Que increíble

  8. I’d like to know how the commentators knew East was a Mensa member (and his dad and granddad)? Did he tell them? That’s pretty funny.

  9. The female commentator, who they need to share her full name more often, is spot on. Her analysis is excellent. Please keep her around next year.

  10. I was playing Hold’em, before it was cool, in the 1980’s. Never played in WSOP, but got to play No-Limit at the Bellagio on a trip through Vegas. I walked away with more than I started with, and felt like a million bucks! I only won a couple hundred, but still….

  11. must be a great feeling when two players go all in and you arent involved in the hand

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