Winning MONSTER STACKS in a Fun Filled Private Game | BRC Poker Vlog #7

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Winning MONSTER STACKS in a Fun Filled Private Game | BRC Poker #7

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  1. Yeah that double board bomb pot it’s better to fold that flop

    You’re enticed because you hit both boards, but you run the risk of being beat in both directions by different opponents, or being freerolled where an opponent has you crushed on one board and can outdraw you on the 2nd one

  2. Winning always seems not real, But Who Am I to judge 🤣🤣 I Guees heesss the luckiest. Still a Fan 🔥

  3. this my bankroll equity lol please more small games, i like your host, dude u a boss

  4. My favorite cash game experience! thanks for the invite, big stacks for clickbait content 😂

  5. Who else checks their YouTube studio after every 5 minutes just to see a difference 😀😀😀
    Let’s keep doing this you’ll make it big one day

  6. Love getting off my graveyard shift and watching these before i go to sleep 🍻

  7. last time i have this much of a stacks was in quarters, learning poker in mid 2000’s lol

  8. As much as I love Rampage and these videos – I watch daily and have for years; I feel like it be unfortunate not to recognise that calling this a BR challenge is a little misleading. IMO a BR challenge would start with a small initial figure (i.e. $50-500) and grinding the stakes mathematically appropriate (micro lmao).

    Whilst I understand this isn’t possible for these types of videos/series’, winning 5k at $1/2 with Ethan’s net worth whilst playing in these games-types and “succeeding” in a 5k BR challenge are somewhat mutually exclusive. Just my 2 cents. Still gonna watch just don’t know how I feel about the label – especially when the success is impending too.

  9. Wow dude had full house with pocket JJ. COOL VLOG RAMPAGE HERE CONGRATS

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