Winning It ALL Or NOTHING!!! Quadruple Straddle w/Ace-King!! 3 Way MASSIVE ALL IN! Poker Vlog Ep216

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Winning It ALL Or NOTHING!!! Quadruple Straddle w/Ace-King!! 3 Way MASSIVE ALL IN! Ep216

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  1. Thanks so much for the vlog it’s been an incredible journey to watch

  2. I love it, I’m getting better at recognizing where he’s playing based on the chips in the thumbnail. Love watching these videos

  3. Keep the vlogs going man, you’re a great guy and your videos are a lot of fun

    1. @Brad Owen great guy ? Yes I agree… but Brad tell him about the time I crushed you heads up! Beating Brad heads up is seriously so fucking easy!

  4. I was inspired by this channel to go play at a real casino and I’ve lost two times. I’m not ending it there and will go back and try to come home with a win next time. Every video I watch teaches me new things. Thanks for the vlogs brad.

    1. @Brad Owen Brad’s one of the only dudes on YouTube real enough to come in heavy handed with the truth in his comments. It’s a big reason why I watch it.

    2. @Brad Owen also it takes a long time to become skilled and really good at poker so idk if i just don’t think it’s for most people. I try to sway people away from gambling when they’re asking me about it

    3. @Brad Owen also it’s really easy to tell how transparent you are with your profits/losses. I didn’t mean to insult your integrity. Could have definitely worded it better

  5. Hey, Brad great content as always- You know bud I have been following you and Andrew since the beginning years. It certainly is impressive what both of you have accomplished. As you also know I am not a poker player and the only time I have ever played was 2 or 3 years ago when you and Andrew came up to the Graton. In my 50s it is crazy to see how people make a living playing cards. As always continue to have the time of your life.

  6. Love all your videos. And please keep the WSOP updates coming. Especially on Instagram. I love following along!

  7. “…Mostly because I never won one…” I spit my drink out on that one bahahahaha.

  8. Another fun video Brad. Thanks for the hours of entertainment you have gifted us with. Hope to see you at the next meet up

  9. Great jobs for everyone! You came up with a profit this session, Andrew cashed for 7600, and Doug got Fourth in a tourney for 6 figures! Three for three, not a bad video!

  10. Brad is a True man of the people, was at WSOP yesterday ran into him in the hallway and stopped him for a pic which he took w/ me. Then I asked him how he was doing in Collussus he said just busted out. Just busted out & gracious enough to take a pic w/ someone he didn’t know. True Class Act!

    1. He seems to always remember where he came from. Wish more pros did the same. It feels like just yesterday that he was at the 1-2 streets…

  11. Hi Brad. I’m a huge fan of your generosity to everyone. I smiled big when you won the 3-way ai and tipped $10. Good on you sir. I’m a subscriber and I love your content always! 🙏🏻

  12. Awesome meetup game session for you and congrats to Doug and Andrew on the championship cashes!!

  13. I have better my game a lot from your videos man. Thanks a lot. I’ve played at the hustlers 2k-4K- guaranteed 4 times. And I’ve cashed in 3 of them.
    1st tournament I got 5th place
    2nd tournament I got 2nd place
    3nd tournament I got 3rd place
    4th tournament I got eliminated in 9th.

    Pretty new to playing tournaments too so pretty happy with the results.

  14. You’ll eventually win a major poker tournament brad we all believe in you

  15. Huge fan of your content Brad! I have learned quite a bit just watching your vlogs and has helped me win my 1st online tournament a few weeks ago! Keep it up

  16. Midway point of the year and 34k in profit, that’s a great pace. Big fan of how motivated you are to keep grinding so keep doing what you’re doing and the results will come!

  17. Man I love your vids and how you go over everything from chips count to the way you think thru stuff. Keep up the great work

  18. awesome video man. congrats on your pace for the year! awesome to see you killing the higher stakes games recently.

    you’ve come a loooong way from the beginning to now. i remember when you used to get nervous playing higher stakes haha. now it seems like it’s becoming a regular thing!

    can’t wait for the vlog when with WPT when you play with the ABSOLUTE LEGEND HIMSELF!

    finally get that interview after he rolled past you in the bellagio a fear years back haha.

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