WILL THE DIAMOND COME?? $3,000 WSOP Buy-In! | Poker Vlog #441

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  1. Ramage requires multiple “Binks” every time he has a profitable session.

    1. I doubt any of you could get clobbered for a 100k on live stream and make it back in a couple weeks

    2. That 10/6 off hand during card death in a 3k buy in tournament 🤦🏻‍♂️

    3. Of course every payer hits binks for profit but he continues to get it in bad or punt off money.

    4. @JtheJeweler yeah he can his YouTube profits is giving him a whole lot of free rolls

  2. When it comes to Tuesdays and Thursdays there’s no better way to start the day then with a rampage poker vlog! Took the luckbox card protector to a private game over the weekend and luck boxed big!

  3. This wouldn’t be a Rampage video without the patented value bluff with a hand that has way too much showdown value lol.

  4. I fell like a lot of the time when you limp in at SB and the BB checks, you always try to win and never really works.. just something to think about

    1. He doesn’t think clown just tries to buy a pot no matter the run out especially when he is in position .

  5. Love the video. Every time Rampage says this card should fit in my range more than the opponents range, I know that a punt is about to happen

  6. I feel like 90% of the punts come down to Rampage assuming because he likes bluffs (especially river bluffs) or calling light that the opposing player could do the same when they are almost never playing that loose.

  7. That first double up (where you thought you punted) should be called an “Onside Kick”, LOL!!!

  8. The 10 6 hand was played wrong of course. The big blind usually has all the low cards

  9. First, I love the content, I watch all your vlogs and enjoy all of them. That being said, I am seriously looking for some logical explanation for the 10-6 punt.

    1. He didn’t think his opponent had a 4. More Queens are in his range than opponent’s. On the turn he had a gut shot straight draw. He overbet the pot multiple times to get better hands to fold.

    2. My thoughts exactly! That was so unnecessary. You can just fold sometimes ya know. 😂

    3. @T0DAY but in another hand, you can fold 10 6 , becuse is a Horrible card combination

  10. Luck box city!!! Nice Ethan. I noticed you had worn some pretty cool rope bracelets in some of your Vlogs, mind telling me where you shopped for those?? Thanks. Good luck on day 2.

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