When the TURN Card is SICK, but the RIVER is SICKER!

When the TURN Card is SICK, but the RIVER is SICKER!
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In this video, we discuss some of the craziest roller rollercoaster hands, where the TURN is sick, but the river winds up being even sicker! Featuring pros such as , Sam Greenwood and a lot more! Which hand was your favorite?

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When the TURN Card is SICK, but the RIVER is SICKER!

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    1. Disciplined, but not wild. He’s behind to the nut flush, any flopped sets, or AT/T9 that runs out a house. He could get bluffed with a Kdx hand but everything is ahead of him.

    2. @@ipiercyXL can we settle on “somewhat”? Sounds the same actually.
      By the way, if you wanna see a wild fold, check for full house over full house video with the Asian woman. Also, Venessa Selbst’s quads over boat hand is great. The way she thinks about the hand shows she’s much better at poker than people give her credit for.

    3. @@septicwomb4394 somewhat is acceptable. And gotcha I’ll take a look at that!

  1. 12:46 ! The FLOP is showed on the screen BEFORE is turned on the table !!! Is that normal ?

    1. My only guess is that it was previewed and it was a mistake in editing. Even then though, it does say it’s a live viewing 🤷‍♂️

    2. ​@@isaactomatuk9283
      I don’t think it is ever live live. That is, even live is delayed to prevent cheating.

    3. There will be a half hour delay, so that players cannot cheat, and this gives them time to edit the video

  2. Commentators said Greenwood’s nut flush could only lose to two hands (quad aces and a straight flush) but there were a bunch of full house possibilities with the paired board, too?

    1. ​@@BrocolisGostosinho
      Thank you. Did not understand the flush beats a house.

    2. @@rickt10 it’s weird at first. I’m not a huge fan of this variation of holdem, but apparently there are players who enjoy

    3. @@BrocolisGostosinho
      The commentator said that Greenwood loses to the ten nine of clubs. That only makes 4 to a straight flush. Is this a different rule for short deck too?

    4. @@HopyHop1- no, he was mistaken b/c he apparently misread the 8 of spades on the board as a club; which would’ve meant 9,10 of clubs would’ve been a straight flush. The only straight flush was the royal and the opponent was holding a blocker to it (K of clubs), so in reality he was only losing to pocket aces, which Ivey just happened to be holding.

  3. The commentator says “in this game, a flush beats a house” When did that become a rule? I always thought a full house is a better hand?

    1. normally it is.

      however it was short deck holdem. flush beats full house

    2. ​@@BrocolisGostosinhoalso, why does he say greenwood loses to 10 9 of clubs and aces? Is that just a mistake?

    3. @@EA…..
      Yeah, I was wondering about that too. Tc9c wouldn’t be a straight flush in regular hold’em.

    4. Commentator was more excited than Ivey winning that pot and just lost sight.

  4. Great fold at 16 honestly Roosta played his hand like he had the nut flush him checking his cards so much might have looked like a diamond check and him also grabbing chips on the turn to check also plays into that story. Fantastic fold.

  5. Let’s not forget (as *I* did initially) that the first game is short-deck which is a variant of the ol’ Texas hold ’em game but a flush beats a full house. That’s why it’s hard to put opponents on quads.

  6. In that first hand 9,10 of clubs was NOT a straight flush – the commentator was misreading the 8 of spades on the board as a club. He was literally only losing to pocket aces – 1 hand and only 1 combo – just horrible luck for him!

    1. @@olliefenwick1212 that’s true- but they still got it wrong when they stated that there are only 2 hands Sam was losing to b/c he was holding a blocker to the RF; which literally meant both players were only losing to one holding- K,10c for Phil and pocket A’s for Sam.

    2. he was actually referring to what phil could lose to which was king 10 of clubs@@wshoovler

    3. which means that Sam should have folded, right? There’s no bluffs on the board that make any sense. Could have kept 2 million behind.. @@wshoovler

  7. I like videos that give away the entire hand in the thumbnail and the title.

  8. First hand: with your flush you can also lose to A-8, A-Q, A-J, J-J, and 8-8. If I was Greenwood in that spot I would have just called and NOT raised…

  9. The 1st one is foldable bro the 2 aces can make a few full houses like ace J ace Q pocket jacks pocket queens like the flush isn’t as strong on this board

    1. They’re playing short deck holdem, where the low cards aren’t in the deck and flush beats fullhouse
      therefore there’s only one way ivey loses (to the royal) and one way greenwood loses (to quads), literally the worst possible cooler

    2. He only loses to a single hand, pocket aces. Can’t fold that even if he shows you the cards first

  10. At 7:27 why is christopher’s hand dead? What if the board was runner runner Kings?

  11. And they still try to say Poker isnt about lucky just to sell they courses 😂

  12. Who designed the player/cards display? It’s so nice. Player portraits are recognizable but the black and white touch makes it so the screen isn’t too busy. Also the chip count accumulation animation at the end of the hand is just cool. And the “waiting” animation, color highlight for active player, bar graph for odds visualization… COOL! Respect, graphics person.

    OMG also the ring visualization with all the seats and the active player has same highlight color and folded players are covered. Dealer indication. So much information but stays looking so slick. 🤩

  13. I like how the first hand is the thumbnail, I can just watch it and scadadle

  14. I’d never play at any place that allowed electronic devices at the table. Cheating is too easy.

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