When Poker Players Decide to CHECK RAISE!

When Players Choose to Examine RAISE!
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In this video, we go over a few hands where the involved chose to inspect raise. some successfully. and others not so much! Which hand was your favorite?

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When Players Decide to !

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  1. The title should be. – ‘When players decide to use a flame thrower on their precious chippies”

  2. alex is a great player but his 88 call is such a punt when he loses 5o the few combos of value but also loses to some bluffs and doesn’t block any value ,its terrible ‘Punt with a Huge Run Up’

  3. That first hand idk how you fold a set of aces there but I guess that’s why I’m not a pro 😂

    1. ….lol….he had a straight and a flush….😄….but not straigth flush…..

  4. Jikalau main Poker aku bukan ngak mau tapi aku yakin menang jikalau ikut aturan aku yaaa.jabgan atexas punya.main poker real.setiap rise boleh potong kartu

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