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    1. Thank you very much! Hopefully new videos will be posted every few days from now on!

  1. Glad to see you guys back! Why not show a compilation of flopped nuts getting cracked by turn or river?

    I had two back to back beats last week when I flopped nut straight against top pair beaten by runner runner quads and set of jacks on the flop against Aces cracked on the river Ace.

    1. Great idea! We’ve done something similar – but there’s always room for improvement!

    2. Sounds painful. Sharing your feelings mate. Last week, I lost to a terrible turn card.

  2. That last runner runner flush is just brutal. Quite possibly the worst way to suckout

    1. Almost… It’s much worse for the worst hand to hit a 3 outer in a 3 way pot to win the hand… the math kind of proves it lol

  3. 2:06 I don’t know how many times I’ve felt like doing this at the table because of these run outs.

    1. I once did it something like this. It was my first time playing live poker. My body moved on its own. Couldn’t help it. Everyone at the table looked at me like I was just a kid.. Though, it helped me a lot and I ran pretty good that day.

  4. Im new to your channel so I dont know if you already have this type of video. Can you do a compilation of the Worst bluf attemps?

  5. ridiculous call by leron there

    playing for 70% of his chips, calling an all-in and with not many hands that aren’t already beating him that would do that 😂😂

    1. It was basically a coin toss for him.. He knew exactly what kind of hand Trishelle had. He just thought its worth the gamble with open ended straight draw so he called.

    1. how does he make that call with a9 wirh 3 ppl behind him thats like a losing play in the long run

  6. 8:39 What a fun guy really.. I love to play with players like these. Just enjoy the game and have some real nice fun.

  7. To me that’s just pure gambling calling with those hands, it would ruin poker if everyone played like that.

  8. I like how he played off the fall that was supposed to be a joke but he looked like he fucked up lol

  9. I feel like the last guy wasn’t so happy he got jack of clubs instead if 7 of clubs

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