When LIMPING goes WRONG | How to WIN $3,000,000 in 3 Days Part 3

Limping doesn't always work out the way we had actually like it to and it can put you in some difficult spots as we explore in this hand.

0:00 Intro
1:40 Preflop
4:20 Dealing With a Button Raise
5:22 Flop
6:00 Monitoring in the Dark
8:12 Turn
9:00 Range Analysis
10:55 Call or Fold?
12:00 Over Folding
12:55 Limping Method

The 2023 Super High-stakes Gambler Bowl was a $300,000 Buy-In event including all the killers including Jason Koon, Alex Foxen, Justin Bonomo, Stephen Chidwick, LuckyChewy, Michael Addamo, Isaac Haxton, Nick Petrangelo and more! Stay tuned to the channel for more hands from this "How to Win $3,000,000 in 3 days" series, brand-new videos two times a week! When Hopping Goes Wrong.

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When LIMPING goes WRONG | How to WIN $3,000,000 in 3 Days Part 3

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  1. real entertaining to see you back in more action. Thanks for sharing

  2. Another great vid!! Nice run on PGT. Yesterday’s stream was fun to watch!! Keep grinding man!! See ya in the next one!!

  3. Daniel. Thank you so much for all this content!
    Your “shortening the shot clock” concept, as you check in the dark to your opponent, is absolutely genius!
    Thank you again!

  4. But Daniel, Daniel, you’re doing that blinking, squinting again (right from the start of the clip)! How are we supposed to perceive that?
    Trolling us?
    Come out clean on this already!
    Edit: thanks for highlighting old school limping in this series! I appreciate that as there’s a lot of psychology to poker. And limping itself actually highlights that (itself)!
    Edit #2: but Daniel, Daniel, checking the flop, you gave him the opportunity to bet his 2-out ace on turn and to possibly check down river had you called his representing ace on turn! Gosh…

  5. Thanks for breaking down that hand. I have ran exact same spots before and feel the exact way you explained it. Saying you will get bluffed in that spot sometimes is okay makes me feel much better about my play as I have felt folding in similar spots is -ev. Poker strategy can go so deep. Love the content and please continue on with it as long as you are able to.

  6. Another great video Daniel! Check in the dark makes a ton of sense. Well played hand to save chips. Thanks 👍

  7. Does checking in the dark become an additional aspect you need to balance?
    Is balancing not an issue because you’d do it with any hand played this way preflop?
    Or is any inference simply negated by your opponent getting no information(relative to the board) from your check?

    I completely understand deciding to check all flops in some situations from early position. I’m curious to hear opinions on check in the dark vs predetermined fast checking post flop.

    1. checking in the dark gives them free information that you are never donk leading. Even if you never donk lead, they will never know if you check normally. why give them free information?

  8. Thanks so much for the content Daniel maybe you can also cover a bit of the pokergo 50k no-limit you just played it was a really interesting one

  9. I’m thinking a check in the dark narrows your limp call range dramatically. Making it pretty easy to exploit?

  10. Want to say that you’re the reason that I started play poker. Stumbled on HSP in early/mid 2000, and I got stucked and it was an eye opener. You and Sam Farha was my favourite players, and I try to copy your game, and was emediatly a winning player. But now I just play some tournaments from time to time. I have not catched up to the modern style an with GTO. I dont have the time or the passion now a days. But like to watch this kind of videos, HSP, and mostly your vlogs at the WSOP. That is Top notch, and I looking forward towards that every year.
    Thank you for inspire People.
    Regards from 🇸🇪

  11. I’ve found that limping can help with aggressive players. Take it at the end if your read is right. I limped mostly in a tourney online and cashed. 😆

  12. Mr. Negreanu, thank you for being my lifetime poker coach and mentor. I wish you and yours well.


  13. Daniel, thanks so much for sharing everything you do! You’ve definitely kindled my interest in poker and now I feel like I can never get enough of your videos.


  14. dark checking is a problem when they check back certain board textures with a reliable frequency… but i like the idea of using this to force time bank usage.. but more to consider here

  15. Another great example of why you’re a genius. The check in the dark on shot clock tournaments insight and all the hand and range analysis is mesmerizing.

  16. I know its about how you played, but thoughts on Addamo folding AJ pre-flop. Was it the fact that Winter’s raise was so big (6X)? Or was it the potential for you to back raise? Not wanting to play a bloated pot out of position? Something else? Would you also fold AJ in the BB in this spot??

    1. ᴿᴱᴬᶜᴴ ᴹᵞ ᵀᴿᴬᴰᴱᴿ ᴼᴺ ᵀᴱᴸᴱᴳᴿᴬᴹ👆

  17. Love the check in the dark. But also love the bet in the dark holding aces. Seems to work better than sitting there after a flop and betting

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