When EVERYONE Hits a DREAM FLOP in Poker!

When EVERYONE Strikes a DREAM FLOP in !
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In this video, we put together a few of the craziest hands where every gamer included struck a dream flop – or a minimum of he believed he did! Including Rob Yong, Leon Tsournerik, along lots of other excellent poker pros! Which hand was your favorite?

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When EVERYONE Hits a DREAM FLOP in Poker!

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  1. Thank you all for watching! Open to suggestions on what you’d like to see next!

  2. How did both players flop flushes? Don’t they “block” the flush?

    1. They block each other’s “outs”, meaning there’s less cards in the deck to complete the flush. They can both get flushes but the player with the Ace has the higher flush and therefore wins.

    2. Then why this talk of so called “blockers?” It’s irrelevant if there is a chance that you can’t block certain scenarios.@@tobylorkin8537

  3. in the AQdd vs KJdd why does it say 0% cant he go running 8d 7d for a straight flush?

  4. I was playing in Colorado a few months ago. Had pocket 7s and the flop came 7, 9, J. After a couple bets the action came to me and I jammed. Three callers, pocket 9s, pocket Js. 10-8 suited. One of the guys who folded had 9-7 suited.

  5. technically only one person hits the “dream flop” the other two are more like nightmares

  6. Two players flopping a flush is 0.19%.

    It’s a worse beat than set over set

  7. Leon is gutsy. I had pocket jacks and flopped a Jack high monotone board. I knew I was screwed. This was confirmed when the runout was all hearts and no paired board.

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