When a Poker Goddess DESTROYED Poker Pros!

When a Goddess DESTROYED Pros!
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In this video, we discuss poker hands where the "underdog" showed the other pros who's in charge of the table! Which hand was your favorite?

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When a DESTROYED Poker Pros!

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  1. You don’t have to be good to play wpt. I went to Vegas 5 years ago, I played a 5k buy in tournament and finished top ten. It was my first ever tourney in a casino, I cashed 35k. My personal biggest score in poker. I ran like God all weekend.

  2. Watched this Woman play a lot and She is nothing like Daniel , She is predictable and her pattern of play is Average at most, She is a million miles away from Daniel… And calling Her a Goddess is hilarious 🤣

    1. Awwww dude(!)..It’s Television/Video — and promotion. You-sound-like-a-PokerVirgin!!!! [:~ O

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