“What the F**K Do You Have?” Andy Puts Jungleman in the Blender

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"What the F**K Do You Have?" Andy Puts Jungleman in the Blender

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  1. Andy broke Jungle’s brain with that bet. Love the troll by Nik Airball at the end.

  2. In spite of that cooler hand, Dan The Man was still able to book a win for the night. Cool, Calm, Collected. My new favorite HCL high stakes player. Hope we see more of him down the road. 👍

  3. “Well you did call with worse. It can’t be that bad” 🤣🤣🤣

  4. The one thing jungle forgot to think about was Andy’s bluffs that can beat you, I feel like if he ran that thru he would have made the fold.

    1. No, its blind vs blind, if he had a read on Andy (haha) that kq might not be good he’d fold preflop. He called a reraise with it, flopping top pair the hand plays itself.

  5. Mastefully played by Andy. He knew exactly where he’s at the entire hand, value betting one pair on a super wet board. Jungle thought Andy was polarized (sets, straights) when he had 1 pair. Andy would’ve played it exactly the same way if he could see Jungle’s cards.

    1. Agree. The bet sizing by Andy was immaculate. Jungleman did not trust his instincts that was an easy fold on the river.

  6. That awkward moment when you “block kings” so you don’t think about it.

  7. This video is one of those rare instances where Nik Airball says something that is actually not annoying 😂

  8. Watching a balding jungleman get his head massaged at a poker table is something I’ll never forget/understand

  9. Jungle Jim’s toupee nearly came loose during that scalp massage. 😅🤡🤯

  10. Fascinating to hear Jungle think through the hand. A lot of people asking who called clock and I don’t know for sure but…..Live some were guessing it was Pepe, he says something like “let’s go man” at 10:58, but I am pretty sure I hear Nik say “I need a clock” at 11:06. He has done that a few times recently like with Henry. It was a huge hand and was a little quick imo, but good for Andy.

    1. Airball playing with scared money lately. Lowest VPIP every night. First to call the clock. Looks like a slob every episode. Show would improve with his absence.

    1. He’s up 706k in 8 months he was -680k in December he’s doing way better

  11. I thought they somehow confused player Dan with Jungleman on that first hand even though there was no resemblance whatsoever 😂

  12. I can understand Jungleman wants to think thru his hands in order to make a profit.. but he tanks way too loong sometimes. Deserves every time he gets clock called on him

  13. I know that Jungleman knows A LOT more than I do about poker, but I’m always amazed that professional poker players think, “I have a king therefore, my opponent doesn’t have 2 kings.” I know it reduces the odds of your opponent having kings, but it happens.

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