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  1. This happens way too damn often online. The reason why I refuse to play online.

    1. I used to think the same but same thing happened to me 3 times offline and I thought to myself that I bitched too much

    2. People always say this but how many more hands do you see online compared to live? In one tournament alone you probably get dealt 3x as much online than you do live due to shuffling and dealing times, now imagine you play multiple tables online, you’re looking at 10-20x more hands online than live so you’re gonna see many more coolers etc

    3. Only the dumbest of the dumbest think reputable websites rig their poker.

  2. That’s a tough one as only A10 has any prospects pair the board……nope! Pay that man !

    1. Could have sworn there was some indication that people were setting up AI bots to play games for them…

    2. Rigged RNG, Bots who play GTO, Collusion, Multi accounts, amongst others​@@DxBlack

    3. Yes it is. Why have your base of operations in a country where you can’t even be prosecuted or you could literally disappear over night like malta. You’re a smart one eh​

  3. ну а куда Вы денетесь с сетом )))) Думаю если были бб на грани вылета дальний проход Вы бы задумались а так 100% колл

  4. You can bet into it like that because your stack is monstrous compared to that opponent. That in mind that was a decent play to make even when he lost.

  5. Фраер фраерок😂😂😂, Тут я колоду купил… Я про теллсы читал в книге, Кто то за счет опыта из высокомерия Тайтово играл. Я на опыте шансы научился считать отыграть мог настукивал по столу… Саечку за испуг

  6. I mean what we he call all in with that he beats? JJ maybe KQ? I guess the guy is low on chips so Dan can take it

  7. People are missing the fact daniel somehow has 330 Big Blinds when the next closest has 50 lmao. How did this just start? Dudes got 6x the stack of everybody else.

  8. It doesn’t matter Daniel because you’re still 300 blinds behind vs his 75

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