Welcome to PARADISE! – Daniel Negreanu 2023 WSOP Paradise Poker Vlog Day 1

It's Day 1 of the WSOP Paradise as we take a trip to the Bahamas and play the very first occasion.

0:00 Introduction
0:39 New House
2:10 New television
3:35 Riding in Design
7:05 Golf
8:20 3 Christmas Trees
9:20 Amanda
11:02 Airport
12:40 Bahamas
14:15 Shopping
16:59 Stroll In Video
18:20 Shuffle Up and Offer
19:15 Chainsaw Corner
20:35 Alexandra Botez
21:10 # 1.
24:20 Chino Time.
25:25 Chess Table Talk.
26:20 First .
28:40 # 2.
30:08 Amanda Update.
31:13 HUGE Pot.
32:06 Tilt.
32:53 Trivia Time Hand Breakdown # 3.
34:18 All Ins.
37:13 All In Again.
End of Day 1.

WSOP Vlogs are back, this time from Paradise! It's the very first edition of the WSOP Paradise and I'm vlogging daily from the Bahamas. 15 Bracelets are on the line and I'll be fighting for each and every one of them. Amanda is here, Chainsaw is back, along with Phil Hellmuth and the usual characters.

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Welcome to PARADISE! – 2023 WSOP Paradise Vlog Day 1

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    1. AMEN we love these vlogs makes us feel apart of the action. Maybe 1 day I’ll go to Vegas wsop and see u there (dream of mine)

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this I can’t wait to watch it! Thanks Daniel😁

  2. HELL YES WE ARE BACK 😀 best words i heard today hope you and the lady is doing amazing daniel <3

  3. Just in time for the end of game of gold, the YouTube poker craze continues baby! Thank you very much for doing all this, it’s a fabulous experience

  4. Daniel is back on the Vlog, beautiful! Good luck and have fun in the Bahamas! Superb Day 1 Vlog as usual; I loved the village setting and the Christmas trees, good job Amanda! Thank you, friend, excellent work! Go get ’em – I know you will!🤑

  5. Love to see Alex in a DNegs vlog. Two of my worlds collide. Awesome stuff! ♟️♠️

  6. Yes! Thx for all the first content excited to be following you on this one 🎉

  7. He’s back! Daniel, you help a lot of people going though stuff with these ya know! Thank you!

  8. It’s nice to see you guys happy together still going strong! 💪

  9. Btw so absolutely beautiful!!! Not just the Bahamas but the new house!! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Drunk old guy binking it off with 26dd while Dnegs is on full tilt is morbidly hilarious

  11. Welcome back, we missed you! I love how you flew commercial with us common folk, you sir are a true man of the people. Good luck in all the tourneys.

  12. Big respect from 🇷🇺✊🏻 You are the best for all time for me.

  13. Awesome! I hope you bag a big one and turn your year around! Let’s go Dnegs!
    As a side note: what an absolute smoke show Botez is 😍

  14. Thank God you vlog your tournaments and how much of a roller-coaster these can get, cause I feel those run outs quite often and always think it’s just me and the way I play, but watching you take the same suck outs and run outs makes me feel like I’m doing OK and it’s just part of the game/journey.

  15. I live vicariously through these vlogs man. They also ramp up the enthusiasm for pokert!! Reminds me of that time growing up in Toronto and every late fall, the ski show and the Warren Miller ski films would ramp us all up to go skiing. Same thing happening here! Next summer Vegas. Next winter Bahamas!! Lets go!

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