WE DON’T QUIT: The LAST HURRAH! – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 48

The last Vlog of the is here and I attempt to make it a remarkable one with a deep run in the last event. Please like and subscribe and let me know in the comments what kinds of content you want to see on the channel going forward. Thanks for the support!

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WE DON'T QUIT: The LAST HURRAH! – 2022 Day 48

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  1. Would love to see some online events, some behind the scenes at the PokerGo tournaments, maybe some interviews with other pokerpros. Lastly, thanks so much for bringing us into your world on a daily basis during #wsop2022

    1. Dam Dnegs, I’m kinda speechless. I didn’t know you had a blog until Word Series of Poker started. I wake up everyday, waiting for you podcast. I know there’s thousands of people like me, waking up every morning waiting on you. I watched all 48 podcasts because you have been our Hero way before Phil Hellmuth existed. Please don’t stop the videos bro!!!

    2. MORE DNEGS I love your vlogs so much I live here in Vegas and never met you hope to some day

  2. Your Vlogs are a yearly highlight and they bring WSOP-feeling to all the people out there. Thanks a lot Daniel!

    1. @Rolling coal No kidding? Dude, when is your poker book coming out??? I’d love to read it and make sure I play winning poker!!

    2. Love your summer vlogs! If we can get more Maria Ho fart analysis that would be great.

  3. I dunno if I’ve ever engaged in a single activity in my life for 48 days in a row without fail, until these vlogs. Thanks for the commitment to daily uploads, Daniel, already looking forward to 2023 when you can mix some run good into these.

  4. Thanks Daniel for allowing us to follow your WSOP journey, I’ve watched every day , loved seeing Rocky and Apollo most days , the hand breakdowns are great, gives an insight into how you think at the table. Gutted for you that you had such a bad run, things are due to turn for the better again. GL

  5. Future content: I enjoy being along for the ride with you through these games. It’s entertaining, suspenseful, and educational. It would be great if you could continue that with whatever cash games or tournaments you play. Also, the hand breakdowns are educational to be inside your mind each step of the way in hard positions!

  6. The interactions with other poker players like Phil Ivey and Allan Kessler were really awesome. Hopefully you will keep doing this and maybe even more.

  7. These vlogs are great , i look forward to these everyday and seeing u during my visit to wsop as well. Thanks a bunch.

  8. Not everyday someone brings a camera with them to work. Appreciate all the hard work the team puts in and thanks for taking us to the WSOP with you all summer. Look forward to next year.

  9. Loved all the content. Homestuff, hand analysis, crowd interactions, jokes. All cool backstage life. Enjoy the break.

  10. I have no requests. Just want to say thank you for continuing this series. It’s just enjoyable to see the behind the scenes of a poker pro. Always look forward to it. Here’s to a bracelet in 2023.

  11. Dude Daniel I watched every episode and freakin loved your realness, win or lose you’re a great watch! Thank you for doing this for us wannabe poker pros! We all appreciate you and thank you!

  12. Going to miss the vlog. Looking forward to next year! Thanks a lot for being so transparent and for taking us with you! Enjoy the couch 🛋

  13. Just want too say thank you for vlogging these everyday, being consistent and keep filming with the infamous selfie stick everywhere you go. Hands down the best WSOP vlog on Youtube, most of the others will just make some highlights here and there, and you keep doing this everyday, even without the crew. Love all of the everyday sharing, hand breakdowns , interactions with other players and genuine reactions on every break. Watched everyone of them and love them all. Much appreciated.

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed watching these blogs daily. Really enjoyed seeing a peek into your daily life as well as all the poker stuff, Keep on keeping on Daniel.

  15. Thank you so much for another great WSOP series Daniel! Didn’t go the way you wanted but was always a joy to watch. Can’t wait for next year, and for any and all content you come up with!

  16. WPT events and cash games once you’re back from break. Loved the series. Guys like you give guys like me hope and I can’t thank you enough for all your effort and time.

  17. I loved every vlog you did this WSOP. In the future, I would love to see more live play and banter at the tables. Great job, Daniel! Get some rest brother!

  18. Hey Daniel, I really enjoyed all of your vlogs all day everyday, all of the behind the scenes stuff is great like the 25K Fantasy, the GG party, your home, puppies, wife, pro poker friends etc, it’s so cool to watch, so thanks for sticking it out for all of the fans! Can’t wait to see you same time next year.

  19. Absolutely Loved these vlogs – Amazing to watch every day. DNegs so entertaining and quite informative as well. Thank you for these every day for the last 2 months Daniel!

  20. Thank you DNegs for this year’s content it’s been a rough series but it’s been amazing to watch!

    Can’t wait for 2023

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