Vanessa Rousso: “I Don’t Think I Can Fold This!”

, $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. Champion David Bach, and Joe Serock clash in a huge pot in the 2011 World Series of Poker Centerpiece!

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: "I Don't Think I Can Fold This!"

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  1. Definitely the right call that’s why it’s called gambling and not winning

    1. In the long run the better players will always come out on top. It’s like Vegas. The house always wins. That’s why it’s a game of skill. Such a beautiful game.

    2. @@royallwind3937bruh it’s not fully a game of skill. 40% skill and 60% luck. It’s called gambling for a reason buddy lol

    3. I hate she didn’t hold up 💯I’d made the same call as she did… my experience is the same result too! I’m referring to getting turned or riveted on in real time playing for myself smh

    4. ​@@geraldocastro6680way more than 40% skill. There is a mathematically correct way to play the game with solvers, very similar to chess bots. If you play mathematically sound poker, you are GUARANTEED to win money in the LONG RUN. It is a game of statistics and no statistics are accurate in small doses.

  2. No one’s talking about Greenstein’s son’s solid fold to an All-In & call on this wet board flop…

    1. out of every free buy in she’s been given she has 1 final table and no bracelets

  3. Both players made the right move. She made the better play by calling but his shove adds equity to try and get folds if not he has 8 outs. Vanessa is one of the best. Shes been around forever.

    1. I don’t challenge that she’s skilled, she’s just always been whiney.

    2. I think his play is stupid. A bet and a raise 3 handed and you think you have fold equity? I would’ve put her on 9T and assumed she’s not folding

    3. @donaldshotts4429  aggression is rewarded more often than not. Vanessa is a great player as she has been on the pro poker scene for a couple decades. He definitely should have taken her into consideration.

  4. 3 out of 10 times it happens and she knows it she played it perfectly

    1. На самом деле это не происходит 3 из 10 раз. Это может произойти и 10 из 10 раз и 100 из 100 раз. Это вего лишь вероятность, она вам ничего не гарантирует, всё зависит от твоей удачи

    2. @@timoriato5342завтра ты можешь не проснуться, но ты все равно ходишь на работу. Хотя мог бы провести время с близкими
      Такая вероятность тоже есть и ты ничего не сможешь с этим поделать. В твоих силах использовать преимущества в свою сторону

    3. @@timoriato53423 out of 10 times. By your logic you could “argue” that you have a 100% chance to be struck by lighting on a sunny cloudless day.

    4. @@timoriato5342bro what you do know there is only a certain amount of card that he can flop that would make him win soo it’s no 100 you idiot there are 52 cards in a card deck he has maybe 10 outs

    1. @@jordanvespa8795 maybe for someone who knows how to avoid danger and fold em. i wouldn’t call it a no brainer fold by any means he has top 2 pair….

  5. She knew it was a stretch but imo thats right move. You got the devils #

  6. Not a bad bluff-raise shove, great laydown, and great call. Just a wild hand played with quality

    1. i know right, that was sooooooo bad

      no one is talking about that.
      if she raises to $120K – Bach may eff off entirely.

  7. Bach played it great…have 8 outs for your tournament life against a strong range that likely isn’t raise folding…well played sir.

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