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    1. You’d have to assume whatever he called preflop wouldn’t have allowed for him to have had a 2

    2. Insane read on his opponent and knowing their range. it’s super ballsy to go with your gut on ace high but his read was true 😂😂

    3. Sometimes you just don’t believe him. Ofc you had to play together for a while

  1. Put him on a busted draw either way – straight or diamonds. Soul read for the 🦊

  2. 9 high cooled off, personally I wouldn’t have gone for thin value there, that’s just me tho

  3. He knew that he was bluffing since the beginning .. you must to be on the table to feel it

  4. The river bet was polarizing. Why would Mateoa not slow down🤷🏽‍♂️

    If Foxen calls and is wrong, no one knows…. if he calls and is right, hes a boss!

    Love it!

    1. River bet is basically saying 43 or nothing, and 43 is pretty hard to believe. I mean he could have 55 or 66 but calling flop and leading turn would be a very strange way to play those. So it’s difficult to put him on a value hand; looks a lot more like missed diamonds / cold bluff. Therefore the hero call is sensible.

  5. Had to put him on 78 or something similar. They also have a lot of history playing against each other.

  6. Brah how TF you make this call,and he didnt even think of it that much,after dude bet 1.15 Mill….dayyyuuummmmm G you scary!!!!!

    1. He thought for a while used a few time extensions it looks like. They shortened it for the short

  7. Have been watching Mateos on livestreams.
    All he does is bet bet bet, almost always.

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