ULTIMATE COOLER IN A $473,000 POT! AK vs. KK vs. QQ!! | Road to $1,000,000 Episode 5


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ULTIMATE COOLER IN A $473,000 POT! AK vs. KK vs. QQ!! | Road to $1,000,000 Episode 5

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  1. Road to -2,000,000 will be filled with many tears and punts ! LETS GO RAMPAGE !!!

    1. Dude, what are you talking about, he is a 1/4 of the way there already. Winning 300K in one night isn’t bad I guess.

    2. @@baileym4708 – Ya and that quickly he can go 200K down in one hand.. Small steps better than Hollywood calls!

  2. a minute into the video….rampage goes all in 😂 always keeping it exciting, love the vids

  3. Haven’t seen the vid yet – can’t wait for all the disciplined folds and preflop mastery from my favorite vlogger Rampunts!

  4. Was worried about you based on the start of this video lol. GG tho.

  5. Wow I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt but that KK hand vs airball was hard to watch

    1. If it was anyone other than Airball, it’s probably aces with that 4bet shove.

    1. Totally, his hand analysis is a joke, what is he even talking about? Omg and people think it’s real??? lol

  6. Brother you got lucky. Your not playing how u said. It’s going to bite you. But congrats on a big win

  7. Is it just me or is all the major pots he won just come from suck outs and catching punts 😂

  8. My heart was pounding too during the KK vs. AK vs. QQ hand knowing how bad you’ve been losing lately, and I gave a long sigh of relief when your KK holds. Happy for you man all you need is one hand to run good then you’re back. Keep it up!

  9. Love Francisco losing a 50k pot and just goes back to eating ice cream like nothing happened.

  10. I love listening to rampage try and rationalize his punts 😂 at this point he’s MONETIZING his punts

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