Trying to Beat The Toughest Opponent. The Rake | BRC 2

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Trying to Beat The Toughest Opponent. The Rake | BRC 2

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  1. Awesome video Ethan and that’s high a $10 rake that’s wild

    Idk as a low stakes player idk if I would want to play in that kind of raked game but don’t get me wrong I love poker but if that’s the only game that’s fine

  2. As someone who only plays low stakes, I had never even thought about how rake really kills most of your profits specially in small pots. I’m going to start playing big pots in the 1-2 now.

    1. The rake is the number one killer of profits at 1/2-1/3 games. You only start getting profitable at 2/5 and up.

  3. That rake is crazy. Was it always like that? I would pass on playing the lower limit games there. Thanks for the info.

  4. Win or lose it don’t matter thanks for sharing have a great day 😊💙

  5. Rampage, what are your thoughts on the rake here? Curious to know, since you barely mentioned it.

  6. Rampage is just telling it how it is and at 1-3 rake cuts down on profits much more than other games.

  7. Ethan : please don’t take this video down
    Also Ethan: the rake here is terrible

  8. Seabrook NH rake is $1 for every $10 in the pit up to $50 so that is max of $5 but on top of that they also take out a $5 promo so I would it’s basically a $10 rake

  9. I would’ve jammed so quick with a open ender 🤣 Reason why I could never play professionally . Love the break downs Rampage. Best of luck at the Hustler next week or see you in their chat!

  10. If people would stop playing there for a while, that would send a message that the rake isn’t acceptable. I certainly wouldn’t play there with the current rake.

  11. I feel like you can do a random meetup game while you do your BRC challenge. Great content tho!

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