Top Level Poker Players Battle in Las Vegas!

Enjoy the highlights of occasion # 6 of the 2024 PokerGO Cup headlined by David Coleman, Aram Zobian, Dylan DeStefano, Jeremy Ausmus, Seth Davies, Michael Brinkenhoff, and Justin Saliba.

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Top Level Poker Players Battle in Las Vegas!

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    1. If you only tank with hands like AT and KJ you’re being exploited. If you tank EVER, you need to also tank with AA

    1. idk is it? most of these tournaments have their money stacked pretty heavily in the final few seats, hes going all in for what is probably at best a flip and at worst a 80-20 if one of them has kk or qq. Hes gotta beat two hands which i think makes this a 50/50 fold. You know atleast one of them has ak or aq so its more than likely atleast 45/55 for your whole stack. Sure you have one covered but you’d be left withonly a few bigs and would have to jam before the next rotation regardless. Small chance they both have smaller pockets but i think you can play for a better spot to get it all in, or use a skill edge if you think you’ve got one. idk maybe im nitty af late in tournaments especially in pf all ins, but its served me well.

  1. GTO time tanking is why these guys are professionals quit hating. They’re playing to win not to gamble. Stick to cash games if you don’t like real tourney play

    1. Its not tanking, it just takes longer to count on a real table than it does on the computer

    2. @@saqob1779I’m referring to the amount of time it takes players to act. I’m a low stakes player and even I have been able to make perfect reads based upon the amount of time it took for a player to act. At the level they play, 38 seconds instead of 45 seconds might have some relevance. This is the highest standard of poker.

  2. Top Level Players?
    First clip a guy calls an all in bet after donk betting most his stack with A5o and hits a 5 vs AQ.
    The only thing top level about these clowns is their source of money to enter multiple high roller events.

  3. 12:44 – that look from Coleman basically gave away his hand.

  4. Can someone please tell Jeff platt to stop yelling with excitement when someone picks up pocket jacks or soemone moves all in. It’s so cringey and annoying. Yelling doesn’t make things any more exciting. Ali nejad crushed commentating on poker after dark back in the day and made it exciting subtly. This Jeff platt act is horrendous and forced

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