Top 5 SICKEST Poker Hands You HAVE TO SEE!

Leading 5 SICKEST Hands You Need To SEE!
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In this video, we include some of the sickest hands that you HAVE to see! Including Phil Ivey, the all-time highest winning gamer Bryn Kenney, and many more pros!

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  1. Narrators: He won’t do that. Wait! He did that, but what he did was only because he shouldn’t have done that. But we know he might do that. Interesting. Just what we thought.

  2. On that AAAA vs Nut flush, the commentators are kind of ridiculous saying that the flush only loses to 2 hands…. He loses to Aces, 8s, Qs, Js, A8, AQ, AJ All making Boats or better.

    1. You’re wrong. It’s short deck. Different rules. Flush beats a full house. Greenwood is losing to quads only here.

  3. Pokers all fun and games till ur flush/straight/2pair even gets cracked by the wildcard

  4. Was the title “Mildly interesting poker hands you could see if you have spare time on your hands” already taken?

  5. 11:56 there is one hand you lose to if you are Sam. AA. Can not lose to k10c, he has Kclub

  6. Why did he say a flush beats a house? What game are they playing?

    11:52 this hand, a little before this

  7. I recognize bryn. He got owned by Ivey. You could never forget that face.

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