Top 5 Poker FOUR OF A KIND Hands EVER! (Poker QUADS)

Top 5 Hands EVER! ( QUADS).
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If you read this, comment the most you won with poker quads! In this poker video, we are bringing a featuring the leading 5 poker quads hands, commonly referred to as poker hands. Thumbs UP for more Daily Poker Material!

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Top 5 Hands EVER! (Poker QUADS)

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    1. NO. BC NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN TO YOU NARRATE THE FKN VIDEO. STFU = more views. [annoying af]

  1. I love the look on the face of the guy who folded pocket deuces the first hand. That’s pretty much how I felt, too.

  2. The very first time I ever played holdem I lost my quads 3s to quad 8s. Fortunately, being my first time, I was not “smart” enough to go all in and ended up eventually collecting on second place anyhow. I had played poker all my life to that point but never played holdem. Now I wouldn’t play anything else.

    1. He seemed suspicious of the whole thing to me. Or maybe just shock. But if their had been several other weird hands like that I would say suspicion of rigging would be called for.

    2. Yes maybe just as shocked at that fool for going all in with the 9s while he can see a pair of queens on the flop. Anyone with a brain would suspect the opponent having the full set when betting big on that flop.

  3. Why are some people saying they would have folded the quads 9, no way in hell you fold a hand like that. What happened to Robl is beyond unlucky

    1. Nobody in the history of the world could have folded quad 9, no matter what people might say about themselves.

    2. Nope no way in hell , the odds of getting 1 quad is ridiculously low , and for 2 to exist in the same hand? This was the worst type of hand , a nightmare that started out as the dream.

    3. @stackattackwildcat You can not be into something but be bored and watch videos on that something.

    4. Nobody is saying they’d fold 4 nines. It’s not exactly hard to understand is it? People are saying they’d have folded a full house 9 because the opponent had a full house ace before the river. How u got upvotes i’ll never know ya cretin.

  4. Situações incríveis essas !!
    Agora aquele Kara que abriu mão de um full house foi fantástico !!
    Tremendo jogador !!

  5. You don’t fold quads in Texas Holdem. Anyone who says opposite do not understand the math of poker.

    1. If quads get all in, they’re up against a full house more often than not. That’s why you can’t let aggression scare you if you have “low” quads.

    2. If the board is something like 2,2,A,A,A or K,K,K,K,2 then you should most definitely think of folding if you have 22 or 67.

    3. @Mitjitsu 22 is beating big pocket pairs and bluffs often enough that you don’t fold it.

      The other hand you technically have quads, but you’re not folding the quads, you’re folding the kicker. This isn’t the hand anyone is debating about whether to fold lol.

    4. @Mitjitsu you’re not folding the quad 2 there. On the second hand, won’t get past the flop with 67.

  6. The only one of these that was special was the first one. The rest were just normal instances of someone making quads, which isn’t exactly super rare. QQQQ over 9999 though…….my god that’s brutal.

  7. Quads over quads is super rare. Never had it happen to me in 20 years of playing semi casual. Saw it ONLY once in and online hand

  8. The first one was just too unlucky for him. What are the chances. Kind of heart breaking to see that 9 come in river

    1. @Riley Lund you’re right, I screwed that comment up, the board was 2 Qs and 1 K

    2. The chances of quad 9 and quad Q in any given hand, it’s about 14 million to 1. It’s a super rare event and just pure bad luck.

    3. Yeah it’s definitely one of the all time bad beats on televised poker. I don’t know the chances, but a friend of mine won well over Ten K at a poker room for a similar bad beat hand. Most places have a bad beat pot where you need quads of some sort to lose in order to win. It happens (I’d place it in the very uncommon to somewhat rare range for pro internet players to witness on a table,) but the fact that only 4 whole cards were needed (as both players have pocket pairs) makes it even more rare.

    1. Rumour has it that he is still at that table today with that shocked look on his face.

    2. Never ever in their lives have they ever seen this happen that’s why they are all in shock, you might as well be struck nu lighting

    1. I think he had a feeling the other guy had pocket queens but knew he couldn’t fold a quad. Sucks but I don’t think he was super surprised

    2. I think if you lose with quads and nobody gets taken away in an ambulance or police car you’re a great sport pretty much automatically.

  9. I’ve had a couple of great quad experiences actually.One was in a small tournament at a friends house. My friend got pocket aces, I was in the big blind and he took it up to about 3 times the blinds. I had a 5 6 off suit and I called him; already in the big blind and there were no other callers and I had a good stack so I though what the hell I would pay to see the flop. Flop came 6 6 6. He goes all in with the boat and he was on tilt for the rest of the night. Even after we started a new tourney he was messed up. Lol.

  10. The odds of any two quads showing up in one hand are 14 million to 1. The odds of it happening in a live event and both players playing to the river are beyond comprehension.

    1. Well yes the chances of two quads in one hand is rare but the point you made about both players playing to the river would be obvious because neither is folding. I would of said if the guy folded 9s that would be beyond comprehension.

    2. You cant say that now that it has happened, makes no sense. There are a lot of other very unlikely things to happen. The most unlikely thing would be if non of them ever happened.

    3. @no u Hi there. I am glad you believe odds don’t exist. I say we play a few rounds of poker so you can prove it.

  11. That first one was beyond brutal…
    I could see myself folding a set of 9’s because of a queen kicker giving another player full house.
    But with a board showing no possible straight/royal flushes, I would’ve never folded with a fourth 9 on the river.
    Going all in was the right move to double up easily, but to be beaten down like that… the odds are insane :’)

    1. Dutch Blades he didn’t have a set of 9s. He had a full house on the flop.

    2. He had flopped a full house. The only two hands better than his were QQ and Q9. If you know anything about poker, you know you have to keep playing.

  12. I’ve lost a hand of quads to a higher quads too, gut wrenching feeling, also played a hand where 3 people, myself included, had a straight flush, flop turn and river all hearts when I saw the turn and river were hearts I knew I was about to experience the worst beat ever. Both of these happened online not sure if that makes a difference though

    1. Online poker is a fucking sham. None of the players play with theory so you can never fucking range them. You’ll have UTG calling pre flop four and five bets with something like Q2o

  13. Now imagine if that was Phil Hellmuth losing with quad 9’s. Just imagine

    1. He would have “read” it, and still played to the river to loose 🤣😂

    2. @ABDULAZIZ T bro he’d take a fucking gun out and kill everybody what do you mean

  14. Losing with quad 9s actually happened to me some time ago. He had pocket aces. The flop came 9 9 A, the turn was a brick, the river was an A. Probably the saddest and also most unbelievable hand of my life…

  15. I can’t believe you haven’t included Gus Hansen vs Daniel Negranu- Quads vs Full house. A real thriller with Gabe Kaplan on the commentary. Classic hand

  16. Geeezus! The quad 9’s and Qs were absolutely INSANE. How heartbreaking, as no one is getting away from that. Just absolutely SICK!

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