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You understand what they say. ! In this video we bring you a compilation of some insane hands! Which hand was your favorite?

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  1. Jack vs Richard. This is a true representation of the nature of this game. Richard bets a 160K with deuces against 4,J,A of clubs, all over cards and not having a singe club. A total fish move, this is against all odds and he still gets there. This is what I have been saying; this F game is 90% luck.

    1. The problem is your understanding of the game is so basic, the only way you’ll ever win is with luck. You could save time and replace your entire comment with ‘I don’t know how to play poker’

    2. WTF This Game is in long term totally true and the one understanding the odds the best will gain the most money out of it doesn’t matter when you lose sometimes getting a bad beat or a cooler

    3. @@jakecooper5855 Do you really think your answer clever? it wasn’t. How would you know what my understanding is? Instead of parroting what you have heard in some videos of the “pros”, you might need to do some critical thinking though. Stop acting and pretending like you know this game game so good. GTFO. If you did, what are you doing here watching these? by Would you bet a 160K with deuces on that board? If you would, you are a total fish also. He caught a two-outer, that is pure luck, nothing else.

    4. @@jasondewhurst7054 Sure Jason, you must know. LOL. Would you make that bet if it was you??? Instead of using terms – such as range – you don’t fully understand, spend some time with studying. Stop thinking and declaring that it is a an all-skill game. If you deny that there is a huge luck element in every hand, you are insulting intelligence.

  2. I’m literally watching this in my car, parked in front of a pond that has 3 ducks in it. Coincidence? I think not. 😂

  3. Once folded POCKET 3s when raised before the flop. FLOP WAS 7 7 3. 3 on the turn AND ACE ON THE RIVER. 7 full house and pocket aces full house both went all in. Biggest regret ever

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