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If you read this, comment what video you want to see next. In this video, we are bringing you a of the leading 5 of the past years. Including lots of poker pros including Patrik Antonius, Duhamel, Alec Torelli, Tony G and a lot more. Thumbs UP for more Daily Poker Content!

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    1. @Magnus Boston i really appreciate your reply. I got to the site thru google and im trying it out atm.
      Takes quite some time so I will reply here later with my results.

    2. How about a compilation of REAL traps. 72 suited, vs AA, and you see that as a legit trap? Those are some powerful drugs you are using, can I have some?

    1. @TurboBG I can see myself doing it tbh
      >Have 2 5 off suit
      >The Flop is against me all the way
      >”All in”

    2. @Ahao the worst thing to happen to me by far was in the weekly poker game with my buddies, I have J Q, my friend has J 7, the flop is J J 7, he pushes all In and I call, I lost like 30$ that day

    3. For me the interesting thing is that after all those strategy lessons which are here adviced so professionally to these pros, there also comes the human factor in the game very strongly, when the pros have long history with each other. Some plays looking stupid for us depend on WHO they’re playing against.

    1. @Robert you say that because you saw the river. I would raised substantially on the turn because of the potential flush draw. Risky for Trickett

  1. Patrick Antonius is my favorite poker player. Checking three times after flopping a full house 😂

    1. @John O’neill Phil is a complete baby, but he’s not a evil player who takes extreme joy in bullying weaker players (aka Tony G)

    2. @webchamp930 true that, that video with the Russian dude was so over the top bullying

    3. Him and Phil Hellmuth oh and add Mike the mouth. All of them horrible talkers and big babies.

    4. @webchamp930 he is actually one of the friendliest poker players ever

    5. @Kymmberliestarr the worst is Shaun sheikhan in my opinion, dude is toxic cringe

  2. Patrick Antonius got one of the best poker faces in the world. It is so hard to tell.

    1. @sergioviana11:11 Your writing skills won’t improve offline..spelling someone’s name or nickname correctly is just a basic form of respect. It shows if someone actually cares about the individual and actually know about the person they are talking about.

  3. Well the right play by Tony G was to the check the flop and bet small on the turn and check back the river. The reason he had to call the river is because he already told Antonius that he doesn’t have an Ace by checking back both flop and turn so Antonius can actually put him on KK or QQ or JJ and make this move on the river which is why Tony G has to call. By checking back the flop and betting the turn Tony G could still rep an Ace (checked flop to trap Patrick) and if Patrick raise the turn it is a clear fold. If Patrick just flat the turn ,then he just need to check back his Kings on the river as Patrick is likely to check the river again.

    1. The 72 made the all-in bet because he wanted to scare off his opponent. A viable strategy he was just unlucky that his opponent had a monster hand and the cool to play it

    2. @Filip Holm so this guy has been calling my raises all along since the pre-flop… I’m All In !

    3. @Filip Holm that’s the problem ! “some”times you don’t risk it all whith something that sometimes works.

    1. First guy was not an idiot. He thought his opponent was playing for a flush. But after the river card the flush was impossible. That’s why he did what he did. No one will ever expect someone to slow play ace to that extent.

    2. @Dan Wilson 72 is suited but you’re right, he shouldn’t have bluff when flop was AK lol.

  4. Bluffing is tricky. It’d depend on what two cards I have, what’s on the flop/river, and what’s at stake. If I knew I had like a 3 and 10 of different suits, I know it’s a bad hand but I’d still check/bet slightly if the betting isn’t that high. Other than that I’d rather fold than stick around and try to bluff. It’d have to be real subtle and real thorough.

  5. Is clip 2 and 5 really examples of traps? I thought traps was when you flopped the best hand with the other guy having no or almost no outs to win, not just going from the worse hand to best hand on the last card.

  6. I love watching these videos, i don’t think i learn too much though cos i still suck at poker! 🤣

  7. Sometime tournaments run bonus pots for winning with 7-2, so 7-2s get played like aces. Could that be what happened here?

  8. On the last game I think they may have previously decided to split the pot.
    8’s aren’t that hard to beat and many know about slow betting.
    I wonder if he was like “Either way we get paid the same”. Then just ended it to go home.

  9. Torelli’s starring at the chips Duhammel’s putting in was a clear indicator of a strong hand for him Torelli. Can’t believe Duhammel didn’t pick up on that.

  10. I think that the first hand was perfectly standard. When you have trip aces, you block 2 out of the 3 aces your opponent could have.

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