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  1. Phil: “nice dealing mighty fine, I haven’t won one pot, they’ve been raising and reraising me. You give me a set”
    Dealer: “I just sat down man”
    Probably my favorite moment in all of these poker videos

    1. I dealt with this dealer a few times. He is cool as the other side of the pillow. He didnt even break his stride on his pitch.

  2. The fact that it was legal to abuse someone over their nationality but not to swear is so stupid

    1. @Stadt101 he’s using his nationality against him. Call it what you want.

  3. Every time I see this I’m always floored by Phil’s freak out. He had pocket 8s and made it so cheap for him to come in and see more cards. Then he told him the winning hand.

  4. “I know you had a set, puddin” LOL

    I love Norm’s commentary, especially w/ Phil at the table.

  5. I respect the Russian guy for not sinking up to that guys level, he only said: Good Hand.

    Edit:lol I forgot I commented this

    1. I was impressed, I might have said something back but not nearly to that degree of course

  6. Tony G at the hand at 5 min is so out of line. Massive props to the other guy keeping his cool and staying professional. I could never

  7. “Tony G can single-handedly reignite the Cold War”…. One of the greatest lines in poker 😂

    1. That “speaking more Lithuanian than Australian’ line was great too. I don’t know much about Liths and Ruskies but I imagine they don’t like each other…

    2. @K Jeezy I don’t know what he would do. But this is a prime example of someone running his mouth because he knows he’s safe.

    3. Only thing he needs to reignite is charges when he gets slapped in the face 😂

  8. One of my favorite poker past times is watching dealers laughing along with the rest of the table at Hellmuth’s childish behavior.

  9. Phil logic:
    Anyone who doesn’t let Phil win doesn’t know how to play poker.

    1. @S C He was easy to read here, he could have had a sign saying he was on a weak hand and it wouldn’t have been more obvious.

    2. @KayzerSöze That’s kind of the point, Phil didn’t win by having people let him win, yet he STILL cries like a child when people make calls on him the he wouldn’t make on other people. Just because Phil wouldn’t do it doesn’t make it a bad play, but that’s how he thinks.

    3. @Scott Fillinger 40k hey buddy it’s a card game. Doesn’t matter how much you can count the cards and anticipate, it will always boil down to a game of chance and risk management. There is no reason to get mad, period.

  10. tony and phil are the two best pokers players to annoy and agitate opponents to gain a huge edge. Tony was able to get in the nerve of the best players in the world in triton poker to get a huge edge and won a lot of questionable calls from opponents.

  11. This is why Phil is one of the most popular poker players. People love his rants, love when he gets mad and love his arrogance. Very entertaining and hilarious when berated by other players🤣Phil knows it’s a show and he likes being the star

    1. he’s easily one of the best live players to ever play the game, i agree with nearly every rant he makes…

    2. @ELX PUMP he always has precise arguments and reasoning when it comes to defending himself . It’s like second nature , when you’ve been in these type of arguments you know

  12. Phil to the dealer: “you give me a set”
    Dealer: “I just sat down man”

    Ultimate GFY.

    1. “It was an aggressive call” though … rofl
      Gets me every fucking time, like I almost wet my pants laughing. Just to calm Phil down a little bit.

  13. Absolute class from Perry. All that abuse and just smiles and says good hand. Gentleman

    1. @ChanCeNecK if my buddies talked to me like that they wouldn’t be my buddies anymore. That guy is psycho in a very bad way lol

    2. @Will Hargis Have you ever seen a “roast” ? On TV or on Youtube? Celebrities being “roasted” for example in form of some anniversary or so?
      Do you also think, those people are all psychos in a bad way??
      You need to learn more about life. It’s not always just Black or White for everyone

    3. @ChanCeNecK I struggle with this too. It seems completely rude to me, but I’m wondering if there’s just something I don’t actually understand. Have this issue in real life too. Hoping not asbergers… lol

  14. “Muck your hand idiot” best line ever.
    Phil is only allowed to cry and whine, no one else

    1. Nah, best one was the girl who asked “what do you think set him off?”, and the other guy says “playing bad”. That was awesome.

    2. Shawn was way out of line there. When two players are in a hand, no one else should be talking about the hand or telling one of the players what to do. I’d be upset at Shawn if I were in Annie’s position.

    3. @Asterix bullshit. Tabletalk happens sooo often, and Phil has been in this situation a million times. What usually happens (from anyone who’s not a giant baby) is, they just ignore it and think of their decision. I can’t remember how many times i’ve been in the tank for my full stack while people are having fun at the table – who cares. He’s just an idiot who likes the attention.

  15. While arguably Phil Hellmuth is the greatest poker player of all time, I’m sure no one would care if he didn’t play another tournament. There are many other good poker players out there that could take his place tomorrow. I’m sure Maury wasn’t sweating anything that mr. Hellmuth was dishing out.

    1. Greatest tournament poker player of all time. But he seems to flounder in cash games.

    2. Yes, arguably. Anney Duke said, on national television, “ Phil Helmuth sits in more tournaments then any other player(pro, or amateur) of course it makes sense he has more bracelets “. You see, there are many other pros equally as good as Phil, but they don’t play as many tournaments as Phil. Also, there are pros who play better, and win more money then Phil. Bottom line= Phil most certainly is not as good as the marketing agents would like for you to believe.

  16. “HE CALLED A RAISE WITH A QUEEN-TEN, HONEY” is such a legendary sentence lol. Also “I just sat down bro” from the dealer kills me every time.

  17. Tony G and Phil are the guys who would start a bar fight and press charges after they get decked in the mouth 😂

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