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If you read this, comment what you want to see next. In this , we are bringing you a collection of the leading 10 hands. Do not forget to take a look at our latest videos for updated variations and more hidden poker video footage. Thumbs UP for more Daily Poker Material!


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  1. Nobody’s better than anybody else at the big tables. They have different styles. Different ways of doing things. But everybody knows how to play. The key to winning is watching and understanding.There’s things I don’t see anymore, a blind spot.

    1. @Thomas Scheel why do you pay for YouTube premium to hide adds in one app when you could buy an ad blocker (or use a free one) to hide adds permanently lil

  2. Lembrando q uma vez foi ao contrário, Ivey tinha 88 e fulo. Antônius tinha AT, só trinco. Agora o tiver ajudou, senão tinha perdido quase da mesma forma

  3. In the first hand the Ace that was showing in the graphic on the right bottom of the screen was a heart. The Ace on the board though was a diamond. I was confused as to how the guy with 10-9 of hearts was 0% on the flop until I realized he didn’t actually have a flush draw.

    1. @gio aspe 52 cards on a deck, someone would say 1/52, but the dealer must have played many cards before the last card, so in reality maybe 1/30 – 1/40?

    1. Arguably better in terms play than the last clip, but that last clip is like how movie writers would write a poker scene.

  4. Amazing !
    Its not how money you win, its all about skill how you read your opponent and push him to go all in.

  5. These types of highlights/reruns/recorded games must make a great resource for poker players to research other players. Lets them get a feel for how they play, bluffs, raises, etc. I wonder how many (if any) top players use them?

  6. Can you believe, after watching that last hand, that there was a time when Corey Zeidman could play a hand like that and be a professional player?

    1. the speech on the TURN… why not flip your cards over lmao. and then the slow roll. wild stuff

  7. So far the straight flush on the river is hands down the best win so far. It was craaaaazy

  8. That last river. Goddamn. Imagine holding onto the queen of diamonds and you look at the board, your opponent can only beat you with a 7 of diamonds assuming they have the 2 other cards that complete the straight flush in their hand, they river into the only card that can beat you. Very unbelievable

    1. ​@Ben Smith You’re not working it out right. You need to ask what are the odds of making a full house? What are the odds of making a straight flush? What are the odds of both things happening in the same hand? The probability of making a full house and losing to a better hand as a percentage would be 0.09%. Less than one tenth of one percent chance that Harman would have the hand she had and still lose. If you skip to the river and say it’s a 1 in 44 chance a 7d comes out and he wins, you’re sort of missing the point of how unlikely this hand is. You are just calculating the odds of one variable.

  9. I love durr, one of the most iconic players of all time, can truly have any two cards at any time.

    Also, the commentator saying that Dwan puts Kagawa on a set or AK, I really think it’s only a set in his range. AK calls instead of raising and there’s no two pair hands that you’d be taking a flop with here except MAYBE A4s which there are only 2 combos of. 3 betting the turn polarizes him to a set or nothing. That’s why Dwan felt safe checking the river, he knew he was getting action.

  10. Regardless of what the dealer flipped, that fold on pocket kings by O’Mahoney was such an insanely good call.

    1. Folding kings pre-flop requires an absolute insane read, and shouldn’t really be done as it loses you money in the long run. Kings gets beat by only one hand and absolutely dominates everything else. If you’re not willing to go all in with kings, you’re missing out on money 99% of the time.

  11. in my career as a poker dealer, I once dealt out pocket queens, kings, and aces in the same hand and proceeded to put one of each on the table to boot! It was an insane hand, with everyone all in

    1. Seen a guy flop quad 3s and the other guy had 3 A’s he wasn’t to happy

    2. @Lazy Predator if the other guy had 3 aces on the flop then he had a full house surely? Not that it would have mattered.

    3. @Ophion83 yeah he had a boat but like you said doesn’t matter he still loses hand

    4. A dealer dealt me and an opponent each a set, AA vs. KK. My opponent hit a 4th Ace on the turn. If he had dealt me a 4th King I would have won 55% of the Bad Beat pot. $34.6M.
      It was a 2. I lost a hundred bucks.

  12. Wow. Tom Dwan’s river check play was absolutely incredible and paid off massively!

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