TONS of CHIPS with 24 Left!!! Chasing BRACELET #7 – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 27

It's Day 3 of the $2,500 9 Game occasion and we are among the big stacks with 24 left and the bracelet in our sights.

0:00 Introduction
0:55 Bonomo Rant
3:55 Young puppies
4:34 Drive In
8:00 A Couple Hands
9:10 Break Time
13:30 Alex Foxen
14:20 Jungle-Macho Guy?
15:26 Time
19:40 Chainsaw Corner
23:09 End of Night

Introduction Song:
Nbhd Nick – Good Die Young

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TONS of CHIPS with 24 Left!!! Chasing BRACELET #7 – 2022 Day 27

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  1. Daniel, keep doing these every year. This is a great part of my day, gives me a nice break in the middle, and it shows a world that I’ll never experience.

    1. So true, one of my favorite parts of the day is watching Dans poker vlog.

  2. LFG Daniel, I would miss that Suncoast sign if you made the green lights. 😂 I am surprised I never heard that about Justin. Your vlogs are so entertaining! Go Daniel 😀

    1. @CliffsNotes Daniel has gone by the sign when Phil Hellmuth was mentioned so I think it is real.

  3. The rant against Bonomo was the most beautiful thing Ive listened to in a long time <3

    1. My god Bonomo sounds like the most woke person ever. I wouldn’t have believed the tweet if I didn’t see it.

    2. Daniel just chit all over Bonomo cuz Bonomo schooled Danile in the $250,000 event. Sad.

  4. O man i can’t wait to see the blog tomorrow!
    Table draw: Phil Ivey in seat 1 and you Daniel in seat 5.
    And if that is not enough: Luke Schwartz, Zinno, David Baker and Friedman.
    I could watch that table whole day long!
    You can do it Daniel, your mindset is really changed 2/3 days ago and you are on fire now. Nr 7 will come soon!

  5. Ivey on the run with a smile you love to see it! 🙂 lol he’s having the time of his life as he should!

  6. Daniel’s “vicious display”, makes me yearn for the good old days of Daniel being accused of running out on his family. Lake Havasu forever baby!!! I crack myself up!! You’re the best DNegs!! Keep on keeping on and to the haters…such is life!!

  7. Despite the lack of hand breakdowns, this was one of the more entertaining vlogs you’ve done this series. Good to see you’re having fun.

  8. Talking to Kessler, joking with Phil, smashing cameras, signing autographs- these are all things Dnegs would be doing anyways if we didnt have phones hes been doing this for the last 2 decades + Love being able to see these things through his eyes.

    1. Makes me grateful that we live in a time that we can ride along
      And grateful for Daniel willing to share.

  9. It’s good to see Phill Ivey so happy, in shape and playing the wsop. Send our love to him, Daniel.

  10. Imagine watching Daniel chase Ivey down because his body guards were no call no shows. Gotta love it! Phil is amazed on how you can talk for hours. Love the energy Dnegs!

  11. This vlog day hit different. Was smiling every second. Thanks for doing them everyday Daniel

  12. So many good cameos. Ivey laughing, Shulman, jungleman, Alan, Foxen, Even Harmen! awesome episode

  13. Greatest WSOP vlog of the series. Love the engagement with other players. Jungle man is a legend. Allen is the most consistent person I’ve ever seen. LFG dnegs

  14. You will forever be one of the all time greats! You are a part of the legends in poker. A character in this game that people look up to like one does a super hero in a comic. Thank you for all that you’ve done for this game, and looking forward to whatever comes next!

  15. Dear Daniel, this vlog has become the most popular part of my daily routine. Even today is my birthday, all the partypoopers left, the house is clean, I am happily tired, but won’t sleep until I finished your vlog. Dearly wish you a nice result today or over the coming days. Please never stop vlogging about poker, it’s fricking funny, hilarious at times, brutally honest and honestly entertaining. Cheers from the Netherlands!

  16. Hell yeah, Daniel. Put that weasel in its place. Him giving lectures on poker etiquette is like Will Smith talking about joke tolerance.

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