Tom Dwan’s Aces Cracked on High Stakes Poker

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    1. Look at his face at the 2:50 mark when he purses his lips after Barry calls the all in. He for sure thought he had been outflopped by a set.

    1. Yeah, what a donkey for not calling a 4-bet out of position with Q8 off.

    1. Difference is, Dwan was 50/50 in that pot. Barry could have rolled his aces over and showed Tom and he still has to call

    2. Dwan played his hand standard, Greenstein played his hand like the biggest fish on the planet

    3. @Andrew Watson are you talking about the other hand when dwan cracks his aces?

    1. Putting in 300,000 as a statistical favorite to lose is most definitely a mistake

  1. I would n’t say it was a terrible play. It was really dumb luck. Dean played it right.

  2. Having Gabe come back to commentate and all these players we got to know on the original HSP is just fantastic. I can’t wait to watch each weekly episode on PokerGo.

    1. I was thinking exactly the same thing. These commentaries are incredible.

  3. Give it away now, give it away now, give it away now, give it away now, give it away now, give it away now

  4. Tom crushed that game….. He must look at that first game with those guys all the time I don’t know if that’s the first time he played with all of them..

  5. Every time I see one of these highlights from pokergo I think they are from 20 years ago

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