Tom Dwan RUNS OVER THE TABLE in High Stakes PLO

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Tom Dwan RUNS OVER THE TABLE in High Stakes PLO

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    1. Levels above in rungood. The dude got his money in bad all the time like the last hand but never got scooped.

    2. Well yeh… i mean he is playing against all amateurs who have played a combined 2k hands of PLO pretty much. I am starting to find it quite boring how Hustler are becoming just a pure gambling channel… i miss the days when the games would be moderately tough, or at least not just pure punting. 😢

    3. @PSAI mean I guess there’s not a lot of pros who want to play these stakes for PLO that we’re available

      PLO is hardcore gambling regardless

  1. Anyone else read this as he literally ran over the table? I was waiting for him to jump up 😂😂

    1. lol trust me, the guy has long retired, this is play time for him. Others have a lot more to lose, hence some of these loose calls like last one

  2. I wonder what their application process is to play. I wonder how many good players they reject on the regular in search of absolute whale vips

    1. If I was them I would be having 6 shows going on at the same time. I would have 3 PLO and 3 NL and I would have a full time staff just for youtube.

  3. Lauren is one of the most professional dealers I’ve ever watched. Never seen her make a mistake or miss anything. Kudos to her

    1. I have seen Airball mad at her before but I forget why.

    2. @Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants he was either joking or wrong. lauren > nik airball. if she had his bankroll i bet she would beat him worse than berkey.

    3. lauren and magic are the best dealers i’ve seen deal a lot of poker. it’s not an easy job and it’s thankless [other than the tips.] it’s like a referee in a combat sport. unless you make a mistake you won’t even know a ref is there. it’s the best compliment that can be given if you forget the ref is in the ring. lauren basically disappears and she doesn’t miss a beat. it’s remarkable.

  4. HCL could barely get Dwan there when running NLH, now with PLO he lives there. Tells us how big of an edge Dwan knows he has in PLO vs the table. Oh wait Tom just flicked me a $100 chip to keep quiet 🤐

    1. If you have three of a kind in your pocket hand(very weak in PLO) and win everyone pays you $5k

  5. PLO is the definition of a gambler’s game. Yes there is strategy to it but with the amount of cards and combinations that can be held in a single hand you could win with literally a combination of the most random cards

    1. If you’re not getting it all in Pre like previous episodes there is a lot of skill actually – Dwan is. The only one who has a concept j notice he keeps winning- so where is the variance everyone talks about

  6. In less than 90 hours of play Tom Dwan has become the winningest play in HCL history.

  7. lmao how does Anthony get so tilted over splitting after running it twice in a 80/20 spot?

  8. 6:43 “that’s me!” and 6:55 after seeing trips, “I lose?”.
    Man I wish I could play against this ‘Professor’ who hasn’t *quite* figured out what ‘outs’ are yet…..

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