Tom Dwan, Nik Airball, Bad Brad & Charles Play $500/500/1K POT LIMIT OMAHA! (Part 2 of 2)

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Executive Manufacturer: Nick Vertucci
Executive Manufacturer: Ryan Feldman
Director: Neve Levy
Head of Video Production: Kyle Ravreby
Audio Technician: Gerry Feldman
Graphics Technician: Mike Peluso
Video Production: Aatmaj Kapoor, Nathan Ramirez
Animation: Alejandro Indriago
Gambling Establishment GM: Shaun Yaple
System Engineer: Brett Drolet
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl
Special Thanks to the Flynt Household

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Tom Dwan, Nik Airball, Bad Brad & Charles Play $500/500/1K POT LIMIT OMAHA! (Part 2 of 2)

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    1. Tom gives a ton of action. That’s why people invite him to big private games.

    2. @Nick Meisherthe videos you’ve posted get a lot of views about editing, you should post more

    1. It shows these big ballers got to a limit the money meant a lot to them nick air ball is as tight as ever shows his first couple months being splashy as a rouse to get real rich whales in game so he can maybe profit lmfao

    2. Yep buying for a million dollar certainly raises focus and more awareness when playing.

    1. Packers could have sat on it, but he’s giving loose action. Good for the game

    1. Can you timestamp it please? I only watched 12 hours of the stream, must’ve missed it…

  1. Great HNR from Charlies 🙂 boys in the game must be soo happy 😂😂😂

  2. So the truth has been exposed, in PLO Airball is nothing more than a bad nit with tilt issues. He really shouldn’t talk it up about being a big gambler because next to the others in this game he is a chunky slab of concrete.

  3. I feel for Pav such a action player. Wining 800k people would have locked the wining and sit back and watch but he battled out till the last mad respect

  4. PLO is quite the optical illusion because I thought there’s was no way Tom was in the game for 350k, it felt like he rebought 20 times 😂

  5. It’s so hard to fathom tossing $50k around like it’s $500…. a world I will more than likely never understand.

  6. Best week so far for Hustler Casino Live! This is the action we all been wanting in a live poker show!

  7. Airball must be staked that’s why he’s playing so safe, makes sense to me.

  8. The only person at this table that isn’t a trust fund baby is Tom Dwan.

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